Sodexo- The Card That Awards You Meal Pass and Coupons

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Sodexo is one of the best cards that offers a lot of benefits to Indian working professionals. Sodexo is well known for their curated services. Usually, a lot of other companies or MNCs and other organizations offer special Sodexo cards for their employees. Sodexo meal pass and Sodexo coupons are popular among the employees. These special offers are often preferred by the card users. 

 Usually, companies offer Sodexo cards or coupons to their employees in addition to their salary. 

 How does Sodexo work?

Sodexo is popular and nearly all type of merchants accept their cards or coupons. Sodexo is also popular in India and is accepted in various shops and merchants in nearly 1400 Indian cities.

Usually, the companies or organizations buy these cards or passes from Sodexo and awards to their employees. The process includes Sodexo, a merchant, and the user. All of these three parties get benefits from these cards or coupons. You get cheaper deals, the merchants get more customers and Sodexo gets a commission of 5% to 7% per transactions. Hence, it’s a win-win deal that you cannot miss. 

Sodexo meal Pass

Sodexo meal pass is very much popular among the employees. In general, the human resources department of a certain company awards a digital Sodexo card with a certain monthly amount to the employees. Since most of the companies do not have a canteen where the employees can eat in breaks, these cards become their helpful aide. This Sodexo meal pass can be used in any Sodexo authorized card merchant/s for discounted meal purchase. Sodexo has a wide network and has a long list of different merchants in different parts of India and the World. Sodexo meal pass card is usually dispatched to the employee’s address in inactive mode. The employee must activate the Sodexo card after receiving it. 

How to activate Sodexo meal pass card?

Sodexo cards are dispatched inactive because of security reasons. The user needs to activate the Sodexo meal pass card after he or she receives it. The card comes with a welcome kit that offers all insights and directions. The welcome kit also contains information about the monthly loading value. 

A user can activate the meal pass card in online. They need to visit the card activation web page There they need to enter their registered email id or phone number and the employee needs to enter a twelve-digit reference card number. Usually, this reference card number is mentioned in the welcome kit. Then click on the option” Get activation code”

After this, the employee needs to provide some documents to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. The documents are Passport, Driving license, Voter ID card, Aadhaar card, PAN Card, Bank statement, electricity bill, landline bill, Rent agreement. There is also an option called “minimum KYC” with which a user can activate the card using only one or two documents. But the user must complete the full KYC within twelve months of the card activation date. Otherwise, the card will be blocked. 

Then they need to enter the activation code. Next is OTP verification process. At last, the user needs to click on “activate card” and the card becomes active.

Sodexo meal pass can be used for a lot of activities. Usually, an employee can save nearly rupees 22000 with exclusive deals and taxes in a whole year. Any user can use the card for-

  • Online food purchase from any third party integrated food delivery apps. 
  • Offline payment in different restaurants and food chains
  • Sodexo meal pass can be used for food items and non-alcoholic beverages.

Sodexo allows the users to pay online using their Sodexo meal pass card through their specially designed Zeta app. The card integrates with this app and offers seamlessly online and offline transactions.

Benefits of Zeta app for meal pass

A user can just scan the QR code and pay in any offline merchant from their Sodexo meal card. Otherwise, they can use the merchant ID and pay using this ID. The Zeta app offers a specially curated and secured OTP named Zeta Code. The user can display this code to any merchant and pay using it.

Often a user forgets about the static PIN code of the Sodexo card. To counter this problem, the Zeta app has a special feature named dynamic super pin which can be used instead of the usual static PIN. This code is generated every two minutes in the app. 

With the Zeta app, the user can track the balance, usage and other exclusive offers available on the Sodexo meal pass card

Other important things that you should know

Sodexo meal pass card must be kept carefully. If it gets lost or stolen then you must report to the authority. You can use the Zeta app to block the card. You can ask for a replacement of the card through the app. Usually, the authority charges rupees 150/- for a lost and misp[laced card.

You can be charged rupes 2 per transaction if your Sodexo meal card has insufficient value. In case you have not used the card for 90 days or had zero credit in the card for the same period then you may be charged Rs 20/- or below after you use it next time. 

In simple words, Sodexo meal pass is a great option for the employees to eat at a discounted price. Since Sodexo has a wide network there will be a lot of places where you can grab your meal. The Sodexo card is secure and is safe.

Sodexo Coupons

Everyone loves discount coupons. These coupons can help you save a lot of money. There are a lot of coupons that you can get your hands on. It can be a shopping coupon, discount coupons, a food coupon or even an online coupon. The employee network card provider offers Sodexo coupons to the employees of certain organizations in addition to their meal pass card. The coupons can be used in a lot of places and online merchants. Besides that, these coupons offer tax benefits to the user. Hence, if you are thinking about where I can use Sodexo coupons then stop worrying. If you want to know the detailed lists of authorized merchants then you can visit the Sodexo website or download the zeta app from Google play store or apple store or any other platform to view the list. Your company will give you coupons monthly to your Sodexo account. So check the account to know about the coupons.

Another biggest news is that you can use your Sodexo coupons in JioMoney. The reliance Jio, a popular telecommunication company of India recently announced this. Earlier the coupons could only be redeemed in the Sodexo authorized merchant stores and websites. Therefore, the collaboration between Sodexo and Jio is a big deal.

According to the announcement, Any coupon can be redeemed if it is provided by Sodexo on Jio Money.  The Jiomoney wallet, issued by Jio Payments Bank Pvt Ltd, will now allow the Sodexo users to make mobile-based payments through a Sodexo coupon or meal card.  This will open a new direction for both Sodexo and JioMoney. Users now will be able to make online payments to any Sodexo merchants like grocery shop, restaurants, cafes, medicine shops, apparel store, etc through the JioMoney wallet. It has been launched in Mumbai and will be expanded in other Indian cities gradually. 

The JioMoney app will have a special; section for Sodexo users and the users will be able to add Sodexo meal pass or Sodexo coupon balance to their Jio wallet. This will help them to transact on-the-go.

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