Florida Restaurant Health Inspections

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Florida is known for great eating locations throughout the state. Florida is also known for having the strictest health inspection control in the United States. Odds are if you have eaten out in Florida you have patronized a restaurant that has failed inspection. Miami Dade County is among the stricter areas where health inspectors find hazards often. Florida restaurant inspections can result in a single hazard or contain dozens of citations. Often a restaurant will get cited and still not fix what the inspector listed. These restaurants that constantly fail health inspections for the same reasons time and time again eventually start to get fined. Truthfully, the fines are not that much but eventually after fines not motivating the owner, the place of business gets shut down. Eating at a place that is going through this downward spiral is not recommended. It is important to know before you go and it takes only a few minutes to do this research.

Restaurant health inspections are available on the web and can be found for free. You can find out if your favorite place to eat has a bug or mice problem or if they have an employee who is not fit for working in the kitchen. There are many websites where you can submit your own health inspection complaint like restaurantsexposed.com or you can give negative ratings on many of the websites out there. Many of the restaurants fix their bad ways but there are also other places to eat that will be shut down or should be shut down eventually. Good food doesn’t always mean the safest kitchen.

Knowledge of how a restaurant performs during health inspections is crucial because it’s you or a loved one who could get sick. Next time, before you go out to eat, make sure you do your due diligence on where you will be dining at. Also remember to praise a restaurant if they have good food, clean facilities and are handicap accessible.

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