How To Plan Catering for Your Next Event

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If you’re in charge of planning an event, the food is a major consideration. Whether it’s a reception or a business affair, food can make or break an event. People always remember what they ate, if nothing else, so it’s important to choose the right caterer. Here are several tips on how to plan catering for special occasion dencer co.

Start Early

As with any event, planning your party early will prevent last-minute snafus. Before looking for a catering service, have a guest count in hand and know whether you want formal sit-down service or a casual buffet. You should also know what your budget is before making phone calls.

Hire Experienced Caterers

Be sure to hire an outfit that has specific catering experience. While many restaurants serve wonderful food, they don’t all do events. An experienced service should be enthusiastic about showing you their catering menu Albany NY, giving you references and offering suggestions to make your celebration a success.

Consider Your Venue

The venue you select should correspond well with your catering choice. Is it set up for table service, or more conducive to a buffet? It never hurts to ask for a list of caterers that are experienced with a specific venue. It’s also easier to work with caterers located within a reasonable distance from your event.

Know Your Guests

When planning a catered event, take your guests’ food preferences into consideration. If the attendees are health-minded, keep that in mind when selecting your menu. Also, make sure the food you decide on correlates with the type of occasion and the time of day it’s scheduled for.

Catering doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you know your guests and what type of service you prefer. Above all, hire caterers that live and breathe the business and your event will be unforgettable.






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