A Lover of Beer ? Know About The Selling of Beer Around The World

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The most exciting fact about beer is that it goes beyond your enjoyment of drinking it. No doubt, it all starts with the flavour and ends with the same flavour. However, beer lovers around the world often go beyond the flavour and focus on the packaging, labelling along with the brewing history etc. Some people even go up to crafting the beer and various festivals around the beer across different countries and cultures in the world. Being a lover of beer or a proud owner of a restaurant or a bar, you must necessarily know what is there in your favourite craft beer and other necessary facts about from where and how it reaches you in order to equip yourself with essential knowledge and information about the stuff you love so much. If you are genuinely crazy about the best and classic beer, the get it from Mad Hatter Pub and get the thrills of the best beer that would change your perception about beer.

Every country has its own laws and regulations for beer productions and selling as well as consumption. Most craft beer industries have their own different market segments and sell their products generally through three tired processes of selling i.e. a brewer sells to start with sells the bulk product to the whole sellers, secondly the wholesales sell the beer to the retailers and finally, the retailers sell or distribute the beer to the consumers. The root cause of this three-tire distribution system is because of the laws of various countries who do not permit breweries to sell beer directly to the consumers. However, laws regarding selling beer are quite peculiar and different around the world, and in some countries, the manufacturers can sale the beer both to the whole sellers as well as to the retailers, and the whole sellers also can sell the beer in retail.

The brewers who are permitted to sell the beer directly to the consumers have over the period their own brands and tastes of beers already established in the market. Eventually, these brewers have been categorised to different categories like nanobreweries, microbreweries, regional brewpubs, craft breweries, regional breweries, large breweries etc. The breweries which produce less than 15000 barrels of beer a year and sell 75% of its total produced beer directly to the consumers are called microbreweries.

Similarly, the manufacturers who sell less than the microbreweries are called nanobreweries. In some countries, both the micro and Nano breweries can sell to retailers as well as to the consumers directly. If you are looking to try craft beer from various breweries, you might be interested in Quality Drops Craft Beer, who offers a large catalog of beers and IPA and delivers them islandwide in Singapore.

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