5 Reasons to Drink Natural Wine

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Wine has a rich history, and its popularity has only grown over the years. However, it’s not always best to drink wine from the bottle or glass you might see in a restaurant or pub – as there are some major differences between natural wine and other varieties on the market today. In fact, natural wine could be just what you need to really enjoy your next wine experience! We’ve outlined five reasons why it might be time to drink natural wine – so take a look at our list below and see how drinking natural wine can benefit you!

1) It’s About Simplicity

Natural wines are all about simplicity—not just in what goes into them, but also in how they’re made. Much like organic foods, natural wines are crafted using traditional techniques and don’t involve added sulfites. The process is similar for both natural and organic wines—farmers do their best to limit intervention, choosing only materials that occur naturally rather than introducing preservatives or other additives during production. For example, natural wine isn’t filtered after fermentation because it’s believed removing solids causes unnecessary flavour loss. Sulfur dioxide is also banned from most natural wine-making because it contributes bitterness as well as a pungent smell you might equate with artificial grape juice or other questionable drinks.

2) Sulphite Sensitivity

People who aren’t wine aficionados might think they know what a great bottle of wine tastes like: big and bold, with tons of fruit and complexity. But even they would probably be shocked to learn how drastically old-school methods differ from those used by most winemakers today. Traditional winemaking used wine as a preservative; rather than ageing for months or years, wines were aged only days or weeks before being sold off to wholesalers. Today, most wines are stored in stainless steel tanks for at least six months before being shipped off – meaning they have no opportunity to really develop or change during that time.

3) It’s About Taste

We all know we should be eating and drinking better these days. Some do it for better health, others to support sustainable agriculture or out of a sense of environmental consciousness. But when push comes to shove, most wine drinkers still just buy whatever they’re used to, wherever it’s cheapest. That’s where natural wines come in: Their transparent labels—no added sulfites! no added sugar!—give people an easy way to feel good about their decisions when buying wine. If that doesn’t sell you on them, here are a few more reasons why they can make a great option for any wine lover

4) It’s About Quality

A perfect marriage of art and science, natural wine is all about respecting every single step of the production process. These days, that means making wine with minimal intervention or addition of chemicals; it means keeping grapevines healthy through techniques like crop rotation and avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers; it can even mean sourcing grapes from local growers over long distances. When you drink natural wine, you’re supporting all these efforts—not just financially but also by promoting their usage among your peers. After all, if everyone started drinking natural wine tomorrow, what kind of incentive would there be for them to continue? Rather than fretting about whether it is good or bad in natural wines, think of them as an opportunity to improve upon an age-old tradition.

5) It’s About Supporting the Sustainable Agriculture Movement

If you’re interested in supporting sustainable agriculture, natural wines can be a great way to do so. You’ll also get to enjoy organic and biodynamic wines that come from farmers who are dedicated to growing food organically and/or on certified organic land. As you can imagine, their livelihoods depend on selling high-quality products while maintaining healthy soil and biodiversity. By supporting these types of vineyards, we’re able to ensure that their practices continue and they stay in business along with wine merchants for generations to come.

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