Why tea is such a popular drink

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For many people their day does not begin in earnest until they have had a cup of tea. The hot beverage is then often taken with breakfast, elevenses, lunch, and afternoon tea. It has kept people refreshed since it was first picked in East Asia going back all the way to the Third Century.

The drink comes in many different varieties, be it in loose leaves or tea bags for an instant brew, very handy for workers on their break. Australian tea is one of many products that makes tea popular for many reasons.

  • Tea is healthy as it contains many nutrients which defends the drinker against oxidative stress. Relaxing with a cuppa makes the drinker happy and look well.
  • It is virtually cholesterol free with certain types such as herbal tea assisting in burning fat and accelerating digestion.
  • A cup of tea can either warm a person up in adverse conditions or on a warm day act as a cooling agent. There are not many drinks that can manage that. It can act as a perfect accompaniment to foods such as fish and chips as it helps wash down any grease and or much loved pizza.
  • Tea is not an expensive drink meaning many can enjoy a pot for very little outlay compared to the likes of other hot drinks like coffee.
  • It is an extremely refreshing drink, which can be added to by sweeteners, sugar, or a slice of lemon. There is nothing better than a hot cup of tea after exercise as it rehydrates as well as any sports drink.
  • The hot drink is adaptable and perfect for many occasions and times of the day, whether it’s from a catering concession at the footy, with fellow workers during a break or out of fine porcelain while taking afternoon tea.
  • Tea is weak in caffeine meaning it offers a good night’s sleep as it does not make the heart pound or disturb the appetite.
  • There are several varieties made from herbs and spices or fruit teas that are generally taken without milk. There are also organic varieties available, so drinkers are doing their bit for the environment with their consumption.

Tea is a highly popular drink in many forms and is becoming more readily available from local companies with their own special flavours and ingredients. There’s no drink better at social occasions or to simply quench the thirst.

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