A Coffee Shop on the Moon?

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Coffee consumption has increased drastically and so has its sale. There are several cafes, expanding and merging in order to get the above hand on their competitors. There is a coffee place everywhere you see around you.

The competition is getting so tough that ‘not so famous’ coffee players are unable to compete in the market, at least not on a terrestrial field.

Biggby is now attempting to reach to the last place in the universe where these coffee chain markets have not been able to reach: The moon.

The announcement, as reported by MLive and in no way timed to coincide with (and piggyback off) the 50th anniversary of Ryan Gosling’s first steps on the moon, laid it on thicker than one of Biggby’s Moonboot lattes.

MLive coincidently on the day of the 50th anniversary of Ryan Gosling’s first steps on the moon, reported that Biggby – in an attempt to have a competitive edge is now reaching to the moon.

The company released a statement saying that Biggby coffee has always aimed to shoot for the moon and are now thinking to take steps in this direction.

“This sentiment guides our company, from our corporate culture focused on employee advancement to our bottom-line goals focused on sustainability and growth. And, we are taking preliminary steps to substantiate this slogan by being the first coffee company on the moon”, the official statement reads.

The company has apparently made “initial contact with Amazon brass” as well as Michigan Senator Gary Peters to discuss their totally serious and achievable goals. Maybe they could collaborate with President Trump’s Space Force?

The coffee company is seriously considering this and has contacted several people including Senator Gary Peters and Amazon brass to discuss the possibility.

We are looking forward to reporting any further ‘optimistic plans’ of other companies. Such as Peet’s races being the first company to settle on Mars, etc.

Visit: Espresso Gurus for more info.

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