How To Boil Oyster In A Safe And Healthy Way

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Oysters are the common food items and which can be highly loved by people. In general, it has soft flesh that can taste salty and sweet. It is an excellent option for seafood lovers, and it can be eaten in various ways such as baked, fried, raw, steamed, stewed, pickled, boiled, etc. Eating raw oysters will lead to many issues because it contains dangerous bacteria, so it is better to boil oysters to cook your favorite foods. If you are loved to eat oysters, you must consider boiling it properly. Here are the proper steps available to boil oysters properly.

First, you need to purchase oysters with closed shells because if you get oysters with the open-shell, it will create some difficulties. If the shell remains open, then the oyster is dead. Of course, it shouldn’t be consumed throw it.

Step 1:

First of all you need to take a small pot with water about two-thirds full. Try to choose a smaller pot to cook properly.

Step 2:

Then you need to bring the liquid to a rolling boil, after that you must drop the oysters to the respective pot after that cook for three to five minutes, then only oyster shells open

 Step 3:

After five minutes, drain the oysters and try to rinse with fresh water. This will help to stop more cooking, and you must throw away the oysters not open during cooking.

Step 4: 

Take fresh oysters, and you must grab it on your other hand, try to open the shell with an oyster knife. Do it carefully.

Step 5:

After opening it, you need to cut the oyster from the top shell. After that, place it in a bowl. Then take water in a small pot and drop the oysters into the respective pot. Try to boil it for three minutes.

Step 6:

After three minutes, oysters will curl. Once you confirmed it, you must remove the pot from heat. Drain the oysters and rinse with fresh water because it is essential to control further cooking. Further information you must look at

Finally, serve the boiled oysters with melted butter or you can also take it will hot sauce. Even you can quickly cook your live oysters based on your needs.

Obviously, oysters filled with great nutrition and also have a shelf life of a week, in general, the taste of the meat will change based on the size and its age. Try to eat with the freshest taste. To maximize the shelf life of an oyster, you must store it in the refrigerator; avoid storing it in water because this will lead to many complications. For more information you must visit official website.

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