5 Best Sandwiches Ever Invented

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A sandwich is a great way to have a meal at home or on the go. They can be adapted to suit any taste, can be portable, and can be a full meal of it’s own. Choosing the best sandwiches pompano beach fl is a difficult task as there are near endless possibilities, but these 5 are certainly among the best ever invented.

Grilled Cheese

The classic grilled cheese is a classic for a reason. It is traditional and gooey with melt in your mouth buttery bread. To keep it fresh and new there are many versions of this sandwich including those with ham or bacon included, some make them with mayo instead of butter. Adding fruit slices such as apple or including pickles and other foods are helping to keep this traditional basic grilled cheese popular and fresh. So grab yourself a commercial sandwich press, and start grilling up some grilled cheese sandwiches today!

French Dip

This popular sandwich is created with roast beef sliced very thinly and piled upon a bun, most often a French roll, and dipped into a counter of the broth that occurs when the beef is cooked. It can be topped with cheese or other toppings including onions or peppers, and is not only easy to eat but is an enjoyable meal that doesn’t require much else to get to the next meal. Many enjoy the act of dipping it into the broth, which is occasionally swapped out for gravy or even consume.

Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast is believed to be one of the most important meals yet it is often one of the hardest to put together. Time is often short in the morning so a sandwich that is easy to make and contains all the best breakfast foods makes it easier and faster to get your breakfast, eat it efficiently and quickly, and be on the way to your next task. Most often built on bagels or English muffins, this sandwich will frequently contain an egg, cheese, and meat such as bacon, sausage, or ham, and can easily be eaten all together without a plate or utensils.

Meatball Sandwich

A sub roll split open and filled with homemade meatballs, sauce, and mozzarella brings together the traditional spaghetti and meatballs into an on the go option with a meatball sandwich. They are piled high with flavours and textures, as the cheese melts into the sauce it becomes one bite with all of the taste surrounded by a soft bun with a slight crunch on the crust. It can be reheated easily and makes a great lunch to go for anyone who needs it.

Roasted Pork Banh Mi

This Vietnamese sandwich offers a lot of flavours and textures. Beginning with a warm roll that is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, filled with meat and crisp raw vegetables, there is a temperature difference among the different textures, leading to an enjoyable experience involving all of the senses.

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