How does Omnipan™ bring minimalism into the millennial lifestyle?  

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If you pay much attention to the world of retail sales, you will notice a trend: worry. You will certainly find short-term worry about not enough people buying enough stuff. In a society that bases its measures of success in terms of home prices, market values, and GDP, there will always be a need to prompt citizens to buy more and more. Millennials, in particular, are seeking out a more minimalist lifestyle as opposed to generations before. Because most millennials grew up in financial recession within the U.S. Many have an alternative outlook on how to save and spend their money.

Minimalism in the Kitchen

Minimalism is about simplifying to make your life easier. Simplifying and decluttering your kitchen doesn’t mean getting rid of everything. And it certainly doesn’t mean getting rid of things that make life more convenient for you. Instead, it means intentionally assessing what you have in your kitchen and deciding if you need, use or love it. Then getting rid of anything you don’t use, need or love.

How Millennials Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

Today, too many millennials live the modern version of “the strenuous life,” which is more aptly termed “the stressful life.” Instead of adventure, it’s one marked by overwhelm. Men and women are strapped to their desks, tethered to their smartphones, a beep or chime away from their next dose of anxiety. Many men and women turn to minimalism as a safety net, less material becomes less worry

The Omnipan for the Minimalist Millennial

“One of my biggest priorities is to serve real food,” says just about everyone. Chef Avenue, a California startup, has one motto, “Cook food effortlessly.” With this motto, they have created the Omnipan. “We have combined the versatility of modern cookware with the demands of busy life, to come up with something spectacular. Cook the entire meal or multiple meals at once – in the oven.” Taken from the Chef Avenue website. Cooking can be time consuming and chaotic and as a result you may end up ordering takeout more often than you want. This is what Omnipan was created for.

Omnipan Set in the kitchen cabinet

The Creator of Omnipan

Seema Shenoy, the founder of Chef Avenue, has been obsessed about food and cooking all her life. She wanted to make cooking more accessible and fun to everyone. “I designed Omnipan to eliminate unnecessary steps in prepping, cooking, and cleanup,” Seema said in an interview. “Omnipan is the high-performance silicone pans with transparent lids that let you prep food, store in the refrigerator, cook in the oven, put leftovers away, warm in the microwave – all without moving food from one container to the other. And when done, let the dishwasher clean them for you.”

Omnipan is being launched on Kickstarter in March 2021. I am told that there will be major discounts given on sets of Omnipan for early backers. If you want to be notified when Omnipan goes live, signup here.

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Julia Franek is an educator in nutrition, health writer, and active minimalist. Years have been spent on broadening her horizons for the people as a writer and creator. She’s written for Bloom Allure skincare, Becoming Minimalist, and No Sidebar.

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