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Are you someone who loves cooking? Do you wish to learn how to cook Thai food? Are you looking for Online Thai Cooking Classes Then you are in the right place. This is one-stop for your interest in learning to cook delicious Thai food. Most of the Online Thai Cooking Course are pre-recorded and do not provide interaction.

This class has especially been designed for people interested in cooking but due to some reason or other are not able to come to Koh Tao in Thailand for an offline class with me. It’s a fact that you are missing out on the beauty of our island in Thailand but yes through my online class I can make sure you do not miss out on having authentic Thai food at your place. Here you get to choose the dish you want to learn with all the proper assistance. it is easy to join the online class.

The procedure to join an Online Thai Cooking Class with me is extremely easy:-

  • You will need a Laptop or Computer with a camera or even a mobile will serve your purpose, with an internet connection.
  • First, you have to get in touch with me through WhatsApp or messenger to book in a class for yourself. With an online class, I have to fix a special schedule for you so you cannot directly sign up for a specific timeslot without contacting me.
  • You can choose one or two dishes from the menu available or if you want any to learn about any dish which is not on the menu feel free to discuss it with me. I am sure I will be able to help.
  • The online class is a one-on-one private class so you can learn to cook your favourite Thai food without disturbance and in your own convince.
  • Once the selection of the dish(es) you want to learn is done by you I give you a proper list of ingredients required and the class is scheduled keeping in mind the time you will take to arrange for the ingredients. We even discuss the tools and equipment you have available in your kitchen to plan the procedure accordingly and give you time considering the conditions.
  • Before starting with the Thai Cooking Class online there is a video call test conducted to ensure there are no technical issues during class.
  • Once the test is ok then you can proceed with payment for the class.

How long is the class for?

For one dish it usually takes around 1-1 ½  hours to complete. It may take a bit longer for some of curry dishes as we will make the curry paste too.

What are the charges for online classes?

The charges vary according to the number of dishes. For one dish it is 700 baht and 1200 baht for two dishes.

How will I be able to see the cooking procedure with instructions?

I have two cameras installed for online classes. This means you can see me as well as the food I’m cooking at the same time.

Hope to hear from you soon. I’m excited to teach Thai food lovers their favourite cuisine. Get in touch soon.

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