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For people who have a hobby of cooking, the cooking activity creates a sense of happiness or pleasure, but if for other people who are busy working and there is no time to cook, it will be considered a super troublesome and even difficult activity. Because of the many activities, someone will find it difficult and feel lazy to cook and think it’s easier to buy food or use applications to learn to cook and see the recipe as below.


Foodsessive is an application that provides information about culinary and hangout spots to the best snacking places in the city of Surabaya. This application made by the Yolanda developer can provide a list of restaurants, as well as recommendations, along with reviews that will be presented in the form of blog posts. The previous activity, this application only had a function for a restaurant catalog, and the next stage also brought some reviews. If we have the intention to visit the second largest city in Indonesia, this application can also be a recommendation for your culinary needs.


A directory site for a restaurant originating from India is now available in Indonesia at the end of November 2013. Apart from that it can be used to find a restaurant, Zomato users can also peek at the prices on the menu and see which restaurants they want to recommend. their friend. In 2017, Zomato already has thirty thousand restaurant names spread across the Jabodetabek and Bali areas. With a very comprehensive mobile application service, this application has become the choice of culinary lovers in Indonesia.


Everything looks the same as a directory service in other restaurants, Manganese can also present a culinary information guide containing culinary reviews, guides, and also recommendations for which restaurants to use. There is a difference, this application is also present especially and specifically to provide an information service for culinary tourism guides in the city of Solo, Central Java.


Wakuliner itself only carried out a soft launch on August 9, 2017 and this application directory also includes cafes, caterers, and depots. In addition to applications for users or commonly referred to as consumers, Wakuliner also usually has a separate application that allows users to add their restaurants to sell through Wakuliner. In addition, Wakuliner also allows sellers to receive orders and carry out or carry out delivery of a package through a logistics company that will cooperate with Wakuliner.


Maybe for people who have a hobby of cooking, this cookpad is no stranger to it. Cookpad is one of the places or containers that you can see and appear first when we search for recipes in search engines. Cookpad can launch a version of the application in which there are millions of recipes, ranging from traditional dishes to dishes that are happening or modern. This application is very suitable for beginners or cooking lessons.


Tasty is an application that usually provides more than 3000 recipes and all of them are equipped with various steps on how to cook them. In this application, it can also allow us to filter ingredients, dishes that suit any event and at any time.

Spiciko Recipe Keeper

With Spiciko Recipe Keeper you can save all your favorite recipes in one place. Import recipes from websites, snap photos of recipes in magazines, cookbooks or handwritten recipe cards, or manually enter your personal recipes. Your recipes can be perfectly organized in categories with 50+ beautiful category icons – Pasta, Pizza, Salads, Ice Cream, Dinner, Desserts. Create shopping list from recipe ingredients and plan your meals ahead with recipes from your collection. Your recipes, categories, shopping list and meal plan are backed up on a cloud server and synced between all your devices.

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