Easy Cocktails With 5 Ingredients or Under

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The term cocktails is known throughout the world in many different ways. But, how many of you knew that a lot of cocktails we know today were invented during the prohibition?

Speakeasies flooded the country as cocktails were hiding behind the non-alcoholic image. Fruit juices were added to alcohol to keep the drinkers away from the sight of the law.

Cocktails have been in a constant stage of development, progressing to a level of some distinctive tastes. Keep reading for some easy cocktail recipes you can make at home with ease.


It makes sense to start this list with one of the classic cocktail recipes. The Mojito is a world-famous Rum cocktail that people have started making at home on a hot sunny day.


  • 12-15 Mint leaves
  • 1 Tbs Sugar
  • 1 Lime
  • 1.5oz White Rum
  • Soda


  1. Lightly press the mint in the glass using a muddler.
  2. Half fill the glass with ice
  3. Add sugar, the juice from the lime, and the rum
  4. Stir the drink and top with ice
  5. Fill with soda

Warning: You may grow a new level of respect for reggae music.

French 75

This addition is one of the more classy gin-based drink recipes. Crack out this recipe when you are celebrating a special occasion. It’s also perfect for bringing in the new year.


  • 1oz Your Favorite Gin
  • 1/2oz Lemon Juice
  • 1/2oz Sugar Syrup
  • Champagne


  1. Add Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup to the glass and stir
  2. Fill with Champagne
  3. Add a lemon twist for garnish

Warning: You may run the risk of looking incredibly classy with this cocktail.


This is a slightly more straightforwards choice of cocktail recipes with regards to the procedure. This Whiskey-based cocktail may be easier to make, but the Bourbon lovers will enjoy it.


  • 1oz Bourbon
  • 1oz Campari
  • 1oz Sweet Vermouth


  1. To create this traditionally, invest in an ice mold and place one into a glass
  2. Pour the ingredients into the glass 
  3. Stir to chill the liquid

Warning: Campari has a very unique flavor. You may need to drink at least 5 to get used to it.

Moscow Mule

Keeping with the easy cocktail recipes, this next choice is easy to make. You may find that you already drink this Vodka-based cocktail. If you enjoy Ginger Beer with your Vodka, then this one is for you.


  • 5oz Social House Distillery Vodka
  • 4oz Ginger Beer
  • 4 Lime Wedged


  1. Add the lime wedges to your glass and press the juice out with a muddler
  2. Top the glass with ice
  3. Pour in your ingredients and stir

Warning: This drink is so easy, you may end up making more. Just to practice, obviously.

Easy Cocktail Recipes

Add this list of easy cocktail recipes to your bookmarks so you won’t lose it. Bring it out each time you find yourself at a party to wow your friends with your mixology skills.

Or you can create your own bar at home for those days when you fancy a lovely refreshing cocktail. Quick hint, the best way to progress with making cocktails is to taste each one you make. Make yourself a lovely Mojito to drink while reading more of our fantastic articles. We have a range of food, drink, and cooking articles which you will love.

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