Tips for Hosting an Enjoyable Dinner Party

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Maybe you’ve always wanted to host a dinner party, but it seems too intimidating to take on. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. There are three key elements to any good dinner party. Here are some tips for approaching each of them.

1. Food and Drink

Of course, it’s not a dinner party without dinner. Plan your menu out in advance of the party. Be sure to take into account your guests’ dietary restrictions. Consider the timing that each dish requires to prepare. You will feel more able to handle food prep if you make a schedule to remind you of what needs to happen when. Also, plan a few items that you can prepare in advance to reduce stress on the day of your party. Keep drinks simple — serve some sparkling water, and head to your local liquor store Chicago for wine recommendations.

2. Guests

As much as you need food and drinks, you also don’t have a dinner party without a few guests. Take inventory of your space when deciding how many people to invite. Your guests don’t all need to know each other to have fun at your party. Do consider each person’s personality, though. While a lively discussion can make a party interesting, you might want to avoid inviting two people who will severely clash with each other. Invite one or two gregarious guests to give yourself a break from carrying the conversation all night.

3. Ambiance

Unless you’re celebrating a specific occasion, keep your decor minimal. Focus your decorating on the dining table, as well as the serving table if you’ll have one. Fresh flowers are always a tasteful choice. Adding unscented candles to your table can bring a sense of warmth to the evening. If you’re going to have music playing, be sure it fits the mood you want for your dinner party.

With a little forethought, you can plan and host an adult dinner party that will be fun for you and your guests. Keep things simple, and you can hardly go wrong.

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