How to Use a Propane Burner Stove on a Boat for Gourmet Results

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Who says gourmet is only for five-star restaurants? Given the choice, would you rather dine on land or on water? Food tastes better near the water, don’t you think?

Drinking a glass of wine or an ice-cold beer as the boat sways with the waves makes your meal more appetizing. No more cold sandwiches or basic meals when you’re a food connoisseur.

When you’re out to sea, your propane burner stove creates delicious meals while in a small galley. Even though you have limited resources, doesn’t mean you can’t have gourmet meals. 

Propane Burner Stoves

Boat stoves with a propane burner are common for boat owners to own. The availability of propane, its cost, and its intense heat make it a great choice for cooking on the go. Is there anything better than enjoying food near water?

Basking in the sun or watching the sunset over the horizon as you’re enjoying a meal you prepared in the middle of the sea. This is a luxury few get to experience without the right stove for a boat or a boat itself. If you haven’t decided which propane stove to buy, this link will aid in your decision process.

Cooking on a boat isn’t as difficult as you might think. One problem is when the heat increases to an uncomfortable temperature. But, no worries on a boat when you have the cool ocean breeze around you.

Another problem is you’re limited with space and supplies. So, to make gourmet meals on a boat, you need to create a game plan. Prep before sailing off to avoid future stress in cooking on a boat.


Which meals do you want to eat on your boat? Are they simple to prepare or a little difficult or time-consuming on a boat? From there, you create your ingredient list.

Think about every item, big or small, you will need. You can’t stop at a grocery store when surrounded by water.

Also, you don’t want to buy too much for your storage space to handle. The right equipment on board makes cooking easier, too.

Buy pots and pans which stack together along with a good sharp knife. A nonstick frying pan is best because of easy cleanup and cooks about anything. Bring a pressure cooker aboard for when you’re in the mood for soups and stews. 

If you’re having trouble deciding which meals you want to prepare, go online for inspiration. Other people have cooked on a propane stove, so there are meals for you to try on a boat.

Meal Prep

An easier way to eat a gourmet meal on deck is to prepare it at home and freeze it. Or, if there are some complex parts of the recipe, prepare them ahead of time and freeze them for later.

This way you reduce the amount of water used in making and washing dishes and reduce the time spent in the galley. In case the waters get too rough, heating a frozen meal on the propane stove is no problem at all. Even chopping vegetables and cheeses before sailing off reduces the meal prep mess on a boat. 

Planning ahead of time and deciding to meal prep not only reduces time spent cooking in a small galley but increases your fun spent on deck.

Gourmet on the go

Whether you love cooking at home or out on the water, a propane burner stove creates gourmet meals. Make any meal on your bucket list for a delightful boating experience. Check out the rest of our blog for articles on your favorite topics.

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