8 Great Healthy Alternatives to Add Into Your Diet

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Healthy food swaps don’t have to be for the purpose of weight loss, and weight loss alone. Instead, think of swapping out certain food items in your diet as a way to improve your overall health and longevity. That way, weight loss will happen either way — if that’s your number one goal. 

But when it comes to improving your health, it’s important to think about the bigger picture. How will what you eat now, impact your health in the years to come?

With these simple, healthy alternatives, you can still enjoy food for what it is, without restriction, and reap the benefits of living a healthier existence.

Healthy Alternatives to Consider: Whole Eggs vs. Egg Whites

For far too long the humble egg yolk has been demonized by diet culture. Enter the diet fad that we must only eat egg whites and throw out the yolk. Well, we’re here to tell you that whole eggs are good for you and belong in your diet. 

Whole eggs, specifically the egg yolk, contain a beneficial nutrient called choline. This nutrient actually maintains the balance of many functions throughout the body. Some of which include regulation of the metabolism, nervous system function, liver health, and more.  

Not to mention, whole eggs are also a great source of protein which is essential for your health, too. 

Replace Refined Carbs with Unrefined Carbs

If there was another food element that’s demonized by society, even today, it has to be carbohydrates. But contrary to popular belief, carbs are not the enemy. It’s the type and amount of carbohydrates that you choose to consume that make an impact on your health. 

This specifically relates to processed, refined carbs such as white bread, rice, and pasta. Sure, these foods are not bad for you in small amounts. But if you’re looking to cut back on your consumption of processed carbs, then you want to swap to unrefined carbs. This includes foods such as brown rice, pasta, and bread. 

Or, there’s also the option of spaghetti squash, which has a very similar texture to pasta and only packs 31 calories per cup. Check out this simple spaghetti squash marinara recipe for more. 

Swap Flavored Oatmeal With Natural, Rolled Oats

If you’re a fan of a hearty bowl of porridge in the morning, but want to cut back on your sugar intake, a good place to start is with instant/flavored oatmeal. While there are certain brands that make an effort to use less sugar and processed flavorants, you can’t go wrong with natural, rolled oats. 

By choosing unflavored, unsweetened oatmeal, you can save yourself from unnecessary amounts of sugar and additives. Instead, you can make your own delicious bowl of oatmeal and flavor it yourself. Natural flavor additions include vanilla extract, banana, protein powder, honey, or maple syrup. 

Choose Smashed Avocado Over Sweetened Spreads

There’s a reason why your favorite jams and other spreads taste so heavenly on a piece of toast — sugar. While sugar is not the devil, too much of it can be a problem. And in today’s day and age, sugar is in everything. 

If you enjoy a breakfast of toast in the morning, you don’t have to forfeit this if you want to cut back on sugar. Simply swap out processed spreads for a natural, delicious alternative such as smashed avocado or natural peanut butter.

Not only is avocado a form of healthy fat (and one of the best out there), it’s also far more satiating than a processed, sugary spread. You’ll find that your avocado toast will keep you fuller for longer versus a breakfast of toast and jam!

Ditch the Mayo and Choose Hummus

It’s no secret that mayonnaise is delicious, especially on a sandwich at lunchtime. But it’s also no secret that mayo is laden with unhealthy fats that can increase unhealthy cholesterol levels in the blood.

Yes, there are some brands that tout the use of healthy oils, such as olive oil, when creating their mayo products. But these variations can still be high in calories and other processed additives. 

A good alternative to a spread for your sandwiches is hummus. Not only is it a delicious, healthier option, it’s also packed with protein and extra flavor. 

Opt for Homemade Dressing Instead of Low-Fat Dressing

Salads are a great way to increase your intake of a range of vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K. But in order for your body to absorb these vitamins, it needs a little help in the form of a healthy fat source. 

When you opt for a low-fat salad dressing, you’re not doing your body any favors. The first reason for this is that many low-fat dressings contain high amounts of sugar. This is to make up for the absence of fat so that flavor is not compromised.

The second reason is that your body cannot absorb the vitamins in your salad as effectively without a healthy source of fat. 

A good food swap is to make your own dressing for a salad using a healthy fat source, such as olive, flaxseed, hemp, or avocado oil. Add this to a mixture of vinegar, mustard, and seasoning and your salad will taste delicious, while your body will thank you for it. 

Snack on Popcorn Instead of Chips 

If you’re a serial snacker and find yourself reaching for potato chips, you might want to swap this habit for snacking on popcorn. Potato chips are not inherently bad for you — no food in isolation is. It’s just the amount you eat that causes health issues. 

To fulfill your snack cravings, popcorn is a great alternative. Not only is it lower in carbohydrates and processed oils, but it also contains less salt, additives, and fat. You can also eat far more of it than potato chips and feel fulfilled! 

Go for Homemade Trail Mix Over Candy

By all means, if you have a chocolate craving, don’t deny yourself the real deal. But if you find yourself turning to processed candy a little too often and want to curb your processed sugar intake, trail mix is a good place to start. 

You can create your own trail mix at home with servings of dried fruit, unsalted nuts, dark chocolate chips, and coconut chips. This is a great way to fulfill sweet tooth cravings, while also increasing your intake of healthy fats and vitamins, such as selenium. 

Food Knowledge at Your Fingertips 

By opting for these healthy alternatives in your diet, you will not only notice physical changes but mental and emotional improvements based on how much better you feel, overall. And after all, what’s most important is how you feel in the skin you’re in!

Do you consider yourself a foodie? If you’re looking for inspiration in terms of recipes, cooking, or baking hacks, don’t miss out on the rest of this site for more. 

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