BBQs 2U Offers Kamado Joe’s Black Friday Deals

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BBQs 2U is a popular barbeque selling family business started in 2002. People can purchase branded barbeques from Kamado Joe, Ooni Pizza Oven, Napolean Barbeque, and MasterBuilt BBQs. They have a vast customer base satisfied with their awesome services and on-time order delivery. The sales team goes beyond customers’ expectations in offering a customized service. 

The family business is small and focused on branded BBQs along with a variety of accessories like tools & utensils, smoking accessories, rubs & sauces, thermometers, charcoals & briquettes, and Kamado space. The professionals have sufficient knowledge about grills because of their passion and willingly share their skills with their clients. It doesn’t matter, if consumers wish to buy a charcoal or gas grill, they have every type!

BBQs 2U sells four brands of barbeques because they have personally used these and found them to offer a great cooking experience. The brands design their products to withstand the climate of the UK as well as offer quality customer service and loyal after-sales support.

BBQs 2U offers a 100% secure online payment gateway. Reputable payment modes are offered including Sage Pay, Visa, and MasterCard. 

Kamado grills feature high-quality Asian-style construction, which is versatile. The thick-walled cooker imparts smokey-rich flavors to the fish, meat, and veggies. The walls are thick and retain more heat that is stable once pre-heated. The grill has oxygen and charcoal, so cooking at high or low temperatures is possible. Ceramic grills are best in terms of versatility, durability, and temperature control. 

Kamado is a Japanese term describing a traditional cooking appliance fueled with charcoal or wood. Traditional cooking Kamado was designed from clay in the shape of an egg, just like a tandoor. Today, the heavy ceramic offer fuel efficiency and is a great option for die-hard grillers to enjoy cooking all winter.

Kamado grills are designed to enjoy versatile cooking methods. It can be used to bake, grill, roast, sear, smoke, etc. Add a divider grill and create 2 to 3 different zones for cooking. The 3-tier flexible divide & conquer cooking system is awesome. It has a multi-level half-rack layout that doubles cooking space and grillers can cook different food on different cooking surfaces & levels. 

The Kamado Joe grill has high-quality construction and better design making it more versatile. The SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert is revolutionary and the latest in the Classic [III] collection. Joe classic is an ideal size for grilling in the backyard. Cyclonic airflow technology helps to control the smoke and heat. It cooks slow & low up to 500°F. Just like its predecessor Classic II, it features a thick wall with heat resistant shell to preserve moisture & smoke at any temperature. 

The Kamado Joe Bundles includes a Joe Junior grill that weighs 31 kg and is easily transportable. Add flavor to pool parties, picnics, al fresco dining, camping, and more. Thick walls lock moisture and flavors of grilled delights inside the ceramic body.

On BBQs 2U, people can check Kamado Joe Black Friday deals!

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