Ginspired: The Ultimate Gin Cookbook

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Have you ever noticed how there are a plethora of different recipes that make use of wine, rum, brandy, whisky and a host of other spirits, but seemingly none that involve gin?  Ginspired: The Ultimate Gin Cookbook seeks to change this. It’s set to be the first of its kind, showcasing a liquid love for one of the world’s most popular spirits. The gins in its recipes aren’t your grandmother’s gins though; the authors, have tried gins from all over the world, and are quick to point out that modern gins offer a variety of flavours never before truly appreciated in relation to food. The book will feature 100 never-before-seen recipes that put the juniper-based drink in a starring role, from dirty martini bread to gin-glazed hams.

Ginspired is the brainchild of gin enthusiasts Heather E. Wilson and Kate Dingwell, the latter of whom is a seasoned spirits and wine writer, whose work regularly appears in Toronto Life, The Toronto Star, Forbes, Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants, ELLE, Wine Enthusiast, MAXIM Magazine and DuJour Magazine. Both authors are crazy about gin and seek to share their passion with the world. Their book will not only detail how to make a host of different gin-related appetizers, main courses and deserts, but also contain 30 different cocktail recipes, fun gin facts and quotes, tips and tricks for cooking with gin and much more. The recipes will be supplemented with stunning food photos taken by a world-renowned food-photographer, and will be a must for foodies everywhere. Wilson and Dingwall are currently aiming to finance the creation of the book via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and hope to have it out by mid-November 2021. You can check the Kickstarter out here:

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