Florida Restaurants: A Complete Guide

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In 2020, 79.8 million people visited Florida.

If you’re thinking about being one of the millions of people to visit Florida, you might be wondering what the best Florida restaurants are.

Thankfully, we have the perfect guide for you, so make sure you keep reading!

The Circle at the Breakers

The Circle is located in Palm Beach Island, and it’s one of the most exclusive hotels: The Breakers. They have a hot and cold buffet, endless mimosas and Bloody Mary’s, and an a la carte menu. You’ll be able to enjoy items like roasted chicken, shrimp, lobster, crab, and carved ham and beef.

As you eat, you’ll get amazing views of the ocean along with a 30-foot ceiling and eight oval murals. You’ll feel like you’re eating right in the middle of a Rennaissance landscape. 

There is live classical music as entertainment as well. 

Bern’s Steakhouse

Bern’s Steakhouse is the most famous steakhouse in Florida, and it’s located in Tampa. 

Bern’s is focused on tradition as evidenced by their classical decor. Their food is also classical, and some steaks there have been aged for over sixty years. 

They also have a cellar with over 500,000 different bottles of wine, making it the largest private collection anywhere in the world. In fact, guests can even take a tour of the kitchen and cellar after they’ve finished dinner.

If you go, make sure you also check out the dessert room!

The Cellar Restaurant

The Cellar Restaurant opened in 2003 in Daytona Beach. They serve up some of the tastiest Italian dishes. The menu consists of handmade pasta, gnocchi, bucatini carbonara, cured and imported meats and cheese, and more!

The restaurant is actually built in the old home of President Harding, which makes it great for history buffs as well. 

Billy’s Tap Room and Grill

Billy’s Tap Room and Grill were established in 1922. This restaurant is located in 1922, and it used to be part of Henry Flagler’s empire. 

However, now it’s in a Tudor-style building, and it’s been there since 1926.

This restaurant is beautiful, with ancient booths and dark mahogany paneling. The bar top is also half of a century old, but it helps to add to the character of the restaurant. 

You can enjoy some drinks at the bar, but they also have great prime rib or seafood. They are also known for their jumbo lump crab cakes.

Beach Bistro

If you’re visiting Anna Maria Island, you should go to Beach Bistro. This beach overlooks the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s one of the best restaurants in Florida. 

This is a fine dining restaurant where you can enjoy some of the best Floridian cuisines. You can wear a smart casual outfit, and this bistro lets guests dine on Holmes Beach. 

Some of the best things to try include their shellfish, octopus, lobster tails, and jumbo shrimp. 

There are also lobstercargots are chunks of spiny lobster cooked with garlic butter and herbed spinach. You may also want to try the cashew and coconut-crusted grouper. There is also a beef tenderloin that is prepped in a Charlemagne style. 


Versailles is in Miami, and it has amazing Cuban food. 

They have great prices and portions. It’s a lovely restaurant to visit, and they’ve been in Miami for over forty years. 

Restaurant Orsay

Restaurant Orsay has Southern-inspired food, but there is a French twist.

The menu changes depending on the season, but you’ll almost always be able to find seared duck breast. This also comes with Eden Farms bacon, carrot puree, roasted duck, crispy carrots, and French green lentils.

They also have beef wellington, which is enough food for three dinners. If you’re going to order that, make sure you call at least twenty-four hours in advance as it takes time to prep it.

The Floridian

If you’re in St. Augustine, the Floridian serves authentic cuisine as well.

They pride themselves on only using produce and products that were sustainably sourced. You’ll be able to order items like fried green tomato bruschetta, shrimp and sausage pilau, and pickled pepper shrimps. 

Buckingham Farms

This La Belle restaurant is located in Fort Meyers, and it has a long history. 

If you visit, you can order items like Turkey Avocado Eggs Benedict, Prime Rib Hoagie, or Danish pork ribs which practically fall of the bone. 

Cabbage Key Inn and Restaurant

The Cabbage Key Inn and Restaurant is seventy years old and is one of the most popular restaurants in Florida. But you’ll need to take a boat or a ferry to get to it. 

Once you dock at the Cabbage Key, you’ll be able to wander around the island that doesn’t have paved roads or cars. This is the perfect Old Florida experience. 

Once you walk inside, you’ll see the walls covered in dollars that patrons left. You can even leave your own!

Each year, any dollar that’s fallen down is donated to a local charity. 

The rumor is that this is where Jimmy Buffet found inspiration for his famous song “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” You can even try the cheeseburger for yourself!

They also serve a lot of seafood, so you can get shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico or stone-crab claws. 

Discover More of the Best Florida Restaurants

These are only a few of the most popular Florida restaurants, but there are many more out there that you should try!

We know that it can be difficult planning a vacation, but we’re here to help you out.

If you enjoyed this article, make sure that you explore our website to find more articles that are just like this one!

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