3 crunchy snacks you can easily make at home with wheat atta!

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Need a few good recipes for homemade savoury snacks you can serve to your loved ones and guests with tea? Spice up your tea-time accompaniments, and have the most delightful selection of savoury homemade munchies with these three wonderful and crunchy whole wheat snack recipes. If you like snacking on some flavourful and crunchy homemade snacks when hungry, you can trust these easy and simple homemade whole wheat snack recipes. 

These whole wheat snacks recipes can be prepared in a large batch and also stored in an airtight container for later use. If you live with a big family, or are preparing some savoury snacks for a festive occasion, a pack of AASHIRVAAD Atta 5kg should be sufficient for your needs. Click to check AASHIRVAAD 5kg atta price online in your city. Purchase a high quality whole wheat flour online by checking AASHIRVAAD Atta price 5kg online and have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep. 

Use these simple recipes to allow your loved ones and yourself to indulge in some flavourful and tasty homemade snacks with not one but three wholesome recipes. 


The most quintessential savoury snack that is not only a big hit with little kids but also wholeheartedly loved by adults. Chakali is not only amazing when served on its own with a piping hot cup of tea, but can also be served with some spicy mint chutney, Schezwan sauce and more. It is crunchy, savoury and with a hint of spice that just leaves you wanting more after each bite. This Chakali recipe is prepared with whole wheat flour, and seasoned with garlic, salt, red chili powder and sesame seeds. It is simple, easy and can be prepared at home within minutes. You can also store these whole wheat Chakalis in an airtight container to preserve their freshness and crunch for several days. 

Spicy Atta Cookies

Sweet cookies are extremely common but these unique and tasty Spicy Atta Cookies are an even better snack option. Serve them as the perfect crunchy and savoury tea-time snack for your guests and loved ones. Seasoned with chili flakes, Ajwain and white sesame seeds, these Spicy Atta Cookies also contain other healthy ingredients such as Oats Powder, Besan and Maize flour along with whole wheat flour. Bake them to perfection to have the right crispy texture so that each bite is satisfying and full of flavour. 


This traditional Gujarati snack is deep-fried to give it a crunchy texture, and it is seasoned with a combination of red chili powder, black salt and dry mango powder. This gives the Chorafali a lip-smacking and spicy taste along with the lovely crunch factor. While the Chorafali is unsually prepared with besan and urad dal flour, this recipe is prepared with AASHIRVAAD whole wheat atta instead. You can prepare a large batch of Chorafali at home and store it in an airtight jar for later use. 

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