Is Your Brewery Ready for DTC? 

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As a brewery, working to craft specialized beers for loyal consumers is integral to your services. Your one-of-a-kind products can draw in customers looking for the latest crafts within the alcoholic beverage industry. However, brand promotion, customer loyalty, and consumer relationships are essential elements of running a successful brewery. 

Breweries often face the same challenges once they overcome those first hurdles. Fluffing orders and finding the most successful methods of distributing their products is the number-one challenge breweries of all kinds face after a successful launch. Nurturing consumer relationships to foster connections and boost sales is the name of the game. 

On-Site Purchasing and Consumer Relations

The traditional method of consumer purchasing was on-site purchasing. This was an easy way for breweries to sell their product and for consumers to learn about their favorite craft beers. However, the strain was real for brewers who now had to work with distributors who worked with mass-appeal brews over more unique options. As a result, the relationships brewers worked hard to cultivate with their consumers could be lost in translation from distribution to retailers alike. 

Enter the Future

Things operate much differently these days. Brewers have gotten fed up with a lack of control over their products’ distribution, transportation, and final sale. After all, craft brewers put years’ worth of studies, experience, and experimentation into their unique brews, only to entrust them to distributors who might not care for them properly. If the brewer wants control over their products’ transportation and solution conditions, one concrete solution is direct-to-consumer shipping (DTC). 

Brewery Ready for DTC Shipping

If your brewery is ready for DTC shipping, here is what you need to know to get started. Now small-scale breweries can utilize a DTC model to cut out the go-betweens and reach their consumers directly. Plus, a brewery ready for DTC shipping will excel in establishing authentic customer relationships. They can learn what their audience truly thinks of their products and take suggestions for future unique brews. The final challenge lies in finding a trusted fulfillment company that breweries can rely on for their DTC services. 

Help for a Brewery That’s Ready for DTC

With options like Wineshipping, you can get a fast and accurate delivery network for your brewery at a cost-efficient price. With an extensive and sustainable network of over 15 temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouses, and numerous locations, you’ll be able to reach your consumers within two days of their order placement. 

DTC is the future of craft beer, and it is time for breweries to make the switch.

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