3 Types of Sandwiches

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Sandwiches are one of the most popular foods to eat for lunch, on the go, or during large events. This is because they are portable and easy to make as well as to eat. Here are three types of sandwiches for when you are hungry. 

  1. Open-Faced Sandwich

An open-faced sandwich includes a type of bread or toast with various food items on top. The difference between this and a regular sandwich is that this has no second piece of bread covering the toppings. Due to this, an open-faced sandwich may be more likely to be eaten with a fork and knife than a regular, closed sandwich. Any sub variety that can be made closed can also be made open-faced, with some examples being hard-boiled egg and mayonnaise, chicken salad, pimento cheese, Caprese and turkey and brie. 

  1. Panini

sub and sandwich restaurant Hollywood FL may also offer a panini, which is typically made on Italian bread that is grilled with the sandwich ingredients inside. Paninis may be grilled in a pan or on a device known as a panini press. Many paninis consist of cheese, a type of meat such as ham or turkey, and tomatoes, although there are many other varieties. 

  1. Double-Decker Sandwich

A double-decker sandwich is one that has multiple layers of ingredients with a slice of bread between each layer. Most of these sandwiches have two layers of ingredients encompassed by three slices of bread, but some sandwich shops likely make them even taller. One type of sandwich that is often stacked this way is the club, which typically consists of toasted bread, turkey, ham, bacon, tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise. Bring your appetite if you order a double-decker.

Consider making or ordering one of these three types of sandwiches the next time you need to take lunch to school or work. 

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