Tips on the selection of suitable chef uniform for your restaurant

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Chef uniform is a broader term used collectively for representing chef coats, pants, aprons, hats, and shoes. If you are not sure whether a chef uniform suits your profession then read the tips below and see which of the products will be suitable and which are not.

What you will need to keep in mind while buying a chef uniform?

Usually, the professional chefs working on the TV or hotels buy the entire chef uniforms to look presentable. But while looking presentable it is also necessary to buy a comfortable chef uniform. Since it can become more heated while cooking than otherwise so it is important that the fabric you use should be breathable.

Then, it would be difficult if you will have to keep moving here and there for carrying the essential cooking tools. So, buy the chef uniform with ample pockets.

Following the Trend:

Classic and fashionable chef uniforms are always in trend but you should also look for the color and design of chef uniforms.

Chefs usually prefer a double breasted chef coat with dark colors to look more classic than chefs of the past. Almost all chefs get the chef coats with buttons so you can take the one with a zip to look unique. Also, it is more easy to take it off than the one with buttons.

Secondly, Chef aprons are necessary because they will avoid any stain on your jacket and you will look neat, clean, and presentable. These chef aprons usually come in denim as well as canvas these days. They are made of fire resistant thick materials so provide you extra security while cooking.

A chef hat is the most unique thing in a chef’s uniform. you must have noticed a long hat usually in white on the head of chefs whose main purpose is to tie the hairs tightly so that they will not fell in your food and also will not go closer to burner.

Lastly, chef shoes are important in the chef uniform because the hours of working as a chef are long and it is not easy to spend all this time standing in street shoes. Also, there can be conditions where a pot full of heated liquid falls from your hand on your feet. It could burn your feet so there is a need of more durable chef shoes to protect you.

Most professional chef uniforms are provided by Opentip. You can trust this brand as it has never disappointed its customers.You can get customized chef uniforms by having the logo of your company on the uniform. The logo can be printed and it can also be embroidered as per your wishes Opentip will customize it. The customization is specifically present for chef coats. The chef coats are available in long sleeves as well as short sleeves. You can order according to your needs. Opentip has many sales and you can save much of your money while getting the best chef uniforms of your choice.

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