A Helpful Guide on Choosing the Best Restaurant Vendors

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According to recent predictions, American restaurants might lose as much as $225 billion by the end of the current Coronavirus pandemic. Despite the food service sector being among the hardest hit industries, there’s renewed hope that the impact of COVID-19 will not be as significant as normalcy resumes.  Your restaurant can also minimize these losses by choosing reliable restaurant vendors to work within the service delivery journey.

Your food service business depends on your ability to choose reliable suppliers. However, when selecting restaurant vendors, most owners tend to focus on factors that may not add value to food service delivery quality. The good news is that this article provides a comprehensive cheat-sheet on selecting reliable restaurant food vendors.

Here’s how to choose restaurant supply vendors who will add value to your business.

Consider Years of Experience 

Considering the years of experience, when choosing a vendor is essential. You don’t want to end up dealing with a newbie who has zero experience in supplies in the food sector. There’s nothing wrong with working with a new company.

Even so, the process of food preparation requires a vendor who understands your goals in the broader food industry context. Before you settle for specific restaurant vendors to supply to you, first consider their level of experience.

The more years such vendors have in the sector, the higher the chances of offering quality services, equipment and products. You can read here to discover more about our more than 25 years of experience in supplying quality coffee, tea and alcohol packaging and preparation equipment.

Their Designated Credit Period 

The ability to keep supplies going especially during the aftermath of Covid-19 has been a significant struggle for most restaurant owners. The best way to get back on track would be to consider working with a supplier who offers considerable credit period for supplies. If you can get your kitchen supplies from a vendor at considerate rates, it becomes easy to manage your finances.

The right restaurant vendor will offer you between 15-30 days to clear your credit limits. Depending on the vendor you settle for, they may also consider a more extended credit period. Such credit extensions can come in handy for you, especially if the restaurant is in a busy setting where recoup is recurrent.

Consider Rates 

Even when thinking about the credit allowance, it’s also essential to think about their rates. It’s possible to have several vendors offering the same services but at different rates. This informs the need to compare rates before committing.

Going for restaurant supply vendors who offer fixed rate options is better when selecting a supplier. You may consider going for a plan where you purchase goods at a fixed rate weekly. You may also consider a supplier who offers monthly fixed rates.

Such arrangements allow you to keep recurrent costs low and in check.

Other factors when addressing the issue of rates include additional charges such as transport and delivery. Consider settling for restaurant vendors who don’t have extra costs attached to your agreement with them.

Focus on Quality Delivery 

Nothing affects the flow of customers into your restaurant more than quality. If the quality of raw materials delivered to you is wanting, then the food will also be below the desired standards. This is often the easiest way to lose loyal customers.

When choosing a restaurant vendor to make supplies to your food joint, consider one who guarantees you quality in all their deliveries. This will ensure that you also maintain the highest levels of quality when preparing and serving food. It’s better to deal with a vendor who charges more for their deliveries as long as they also guarantee you quality in the products and services they offer.

Sometimes, due to the focus on cost-cutting, you might end up compromising on quality because your focus is solely on costs. When choosing restaurant vendors, you must go for one who’s capable of balancing between prices and quality service delivery.

Their Minimum Order 

Most vendors set a specific target when entering into contractual terms with you. Such terms mean that they can only agree to supply products if you take the exact minimum number of orders. If the supplier has a minimum set level of orders per restaurant, you may need to evaluate your ability to pay beforehand.

A reliable restaurant supplier is one who sets order targets that are within your capacity. Most restaurant vendors have preset minimum orders per given period. The approach helps them encourages consistency and minimizes the costs associated with multiple smaller batches.

You may always consider having a process of negotiation to help you arrive at a compromise.

Ask for References 

Due diligence is vital before committing to a specific vendor. One of the easiest ways of sourcing for vendor information is through references. Every vendor worth their salt should have multiple previous clients who can vouch for their services.

If the vendor has more than one satisfied customer, then they qualify as potential suppliers. Consider asking the specific vendor for contacts of satisfied customers. This helps you ensure you settle for the best.

Focus on Timely Delivery

Time is of the essence when dealing with food suppliers for your restaurant. Ultimately, the best vendor is the one who can keep their word. You don’t want to deal with a supplier who delivers products late.

Working with proper schedules is essential, given that they allow you to keep up with customer requests. Further, food has the potential to spoil if you fail to keep up with the speedy delivery.

Such cases of food spoiling often lead to issues of food poisoning, which is common in the United States. Your best vendor is one who can deliver on time whenever you make a request.

Consider These Factors When Choosing Restaurant Vendors

Part of your restaurant’s success depends on working with reliable suppliers. Unless the supplier guarantees you quality delivery, timely supplies and fair rates, you should always shop around for better deals.

Paying attention to these factors will ensure that you make the best choice for restaurant vendors.

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