Why Should You Opt for Sustainable Coffee?

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As you take a sip of your favourite coffee in the morning, have you ever wondered how it reaches you? The journey of coffee from the trees to the cup is nothing short of impressive.

Almost half of the world consumes instant coffee. That, however, has put the planet and the farmers are in danger. As demands for coffee increase, there rises the need for larger farms. It also results in a lot of deforestation, harming the environment. Opting for sustainable coffee can be a great solution to this problem.

Why Sustainability Is Important

By making coffee production more sustainable via better crop management and water use, you can ensure that your favourite beverage stays around. 

Are you wondering what it means?

How Coffee Is Produced

Once farmers pick the coffee fruits, they are sorted and wet and dry processed for seed extraction. After that, the seeds are categorised as unroasted or green coffee beans that are sold roasted. 

The supply chain may vary from farmer to farmer and brand to brand, but the basics are the same. However, how your coffee is harvested and produced has a massive impact on the environment. 

You Can Lose Your Favourite Coffee

According to a 2019 report, 60% of the wild coffee species are on the verge of extinction. What does that mean for you? 

Well, your favourite coffee may not be around till the next decade at this rate. 

Most of the coffee in the world is produced in Africa and Madagascar, and some parts of Asia. Currently, there are about a hundred species of coffee in the world. However, rapid deforestation and global warming have impacted them a lot. 

Most coffee species depend a lot on water. Therefore irregular rain and environmental hazards stunt their growth. When growing coffee, one needs to pay a lot of attention to quality and care. 

Sustainability Can Save the Farmers

Along with the coffee species going extinct, there is the problem of farmers and mill workers too. Most of the time, their efforts do not get compensated well. How ironic it is that the very people who grow coffee are unable to afford it. 

With 168.84 million bags of global annual production of coffee, you can understand how the people in power make a profit. However, when the market drops, it is the farmer who suffers first. 

When you buy coffee harvested and processed through sustainable means from a fair trade market, you show your support to the hardworking farmer community. This way, you can enjoy your coffee without having the guilt of depriving a poor man of his dues. 

Coffee Capsules Are Bad for the Environment

While some of the instant coffee capsules you consume can be recycled, most can’t be. Despite attempts from the Australian government to support a recycling process, it has not been entirely successful. 

Almost 3 million capsules are consumed every day, in Australia alone, with only 10% recycled. That accounts for around 8,500 tonnes of landfill consisting of aluminium and plastic — and that’s just one country. 

Furthermore, these capsules are harming your health, as well, by disrupting your endocrine functions and causing hormonal imbalance. 

Sustainability cannot be overlooked whether you are passionate about coffee or care about the planet and the people involved. When you opt for sustainable coffee brands, you contribute to making the coffee industry a better place for everyone. 

That’s not all, though. By opting for a healthier choice of coffee, you ensure that you continue enjoying your favourite drink for years to come. 

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