What Is Brie Cheese? A Quick View

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Brie Cheese

What Is Brie Cheese?

Ever tried brie cheese taste? If you have never, then it’s time!

Famous for having a fluffy white cover with the smoothie interior part, Brie cheese gives the impression of delicate splendor.

This cheese type, since it is made from either goat or cow milk, has a mellow and soothing flavor with a high nuttiness. A tempered slice of Brie will impress you with its soft and light runny texture.

First appearing in Seine-et-Marne, a northern region of France, Brie is largely loved for impressionable taste. It even showed up on a plate of the royal family during the Middle Ages.

People usually compare this product with Camembert. While Brie offers a milder taste and light creamy tones, Camembert brings an impressive herb and mushroom tones. A similarity between these two is that they both have a white, edible, and flavorful mold cover.

How To Use And Make Brie Cheese?

To make Brie, you must add the rennet enzyme into milk, together with bacteria and salt tar. They are the most basic ingredients for making cheese. Then, leave the mixture to ripen for one-month duration.

During this process, the white mold will cover all over the cheese pieces. Different from the other harmful molds growing from your food, this version is safe for consumption.

You might find that there are many options for Brie, which is because you can make this cheese using partly or whole of skimmed milk at different ripened durations and the possibility of adding spices or herbs.

These differences lead to a unique alter in the texture and taste of the products. For example, the longer time for ripening makes your cheese softer and tangier.

You can have uncooked Brie as a supplement dish or pair it with crackers, nuts, or bread regarding the use. For a simple and healthy appetizer, brie cheese with crackers and jelly can be a great combination. Besides, it is essential to keep in mind the perfect dish of Brie with honey, plum chutney, and walnuts as a healthy snack to share with your friends together with some wine.

What Health Benefit You Get From Brie Cheese?

Brie cheese contains many essential nutrients, including fat, protein, vitamin B12, calcium, and specifically riboflavin, but it only delivers 100 calories for 1 ounce.

Protein and fat are meant to enhance feelings of fullness that aid in controlling appetite and losing weight.

Besides, the high vitamin B12 and riboflavin play important roles in generating energy. Calcium and vitamin A nutrients will also help you have strong bones and healthy vision and skin.

For all that benefit, you can give Brie cheese a try, right?



Brie Cheese is a healthy product you can try.

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