Tips for choosing the best espresso machine

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Currently, Espresso machine plays a very important role in our lives, as they allow you to enjoy a cup of coffee at home with maximum comfort and convenience. Find out how to choose the best espresso machine. The offer of espresso coffee machines is very wide and diverse and this can be confusing at the time of purchase.

Choose between the X and Y brand

There are many brands and models of espresso coffee machines for domestic use. Normally, the most efficient ones are those made in Italy, Spain or Switzerland. The espresso machine is like the automobile, it features outstanding, high-end, intermediate and popular models.

State-of-the-art espresso machines are for cafeterias. They are for professional use, being expensive and durable and brewing quality espresso. Intermediate coffee machines are those with a better relationship between the binomial qualities – price. The most popular coffee machines are the most economical. 

Know all the features of a coffee machine

Sometimes, the handling of espresso machines can be a little difficult. However, this does not mean that they work badly. It is necessary to know all the functionalities of an espresso coffee machine for it to work at its fullest.

Check if the espresso comes out watery and without cream

When you extract a cup of espresso coffee and it does not have any cream or flavor, the difficulty may be related to your coffee machine. However, if you have purchased the most popular coffee machine, this could be the most likely outcome. The ideal time for extracting a normal espresso should be more than 20 seconds, otherwise it is necessary to fine-tune the grinding of the  coffee beans  or compact them more tightly in the filter holder. 

Purchase an espresso coffee machine with a built-in coffee grinder

The coffee grinder plays a very important role in the extraction of an espresso coffee. He is responsible for grinding the coffee beans and if it has already incorporated, so much the better, as you do not need to buy one separately. If you do not have a coffee grinder, you can try to adjust the ground coffee beans by hand, but this can cause the coffee to come out weak and cream less.

Choose the most suitable type of espresso machine

Currently, there are several types of espresso coffee machines that can be purchased, but that depends on the use that each one wants to make of their coffee machine and the money they want to invest. 

Of the types of espresso coffee machines that exist, the following stand out – Semi-automatic capsule coffee machines, the super automatic coffee machines, semi-automatic coffee machines, and top-of-the-range, manual coffee machines.

Study the best places to buy

Before deciding on the best place to buy your espresso machine, you should establish the maximum amount you want to spend. Then you can search the internet for brands and types of coffee machines that fit your budget. Then you can visit an appliance store with staff specializing in espresso machines. 

Keep in mind that coffee comes from many different countries and growing regions. Make sure that it is always fresh and that the roasting date is no longer than 30 days.

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