Know the right way to use a cocktail stirrer

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Every drink must be mixed thoroughly with all the ingredients to achieve the perfect taste. The black 5′ cocktail stirrer is the equipment used to mix ingredients in cocktails. As the name suggests, its length is 5 inches. This is a perfect size; it is long enough to reach the bottom of any cocktail or martini glass. It is of high quality and serves the drinking needs of people. It can also be used to stir coffee, especially with thick foam. Stirrers are usually made of plastic, glass, or metal.

What do cocktail stirrers do?

Every bartender or person interested in making drinks at their house must have a cocktail stirrer. Since a cocktail is made up of more than one ingredient, it is essential that the customer gets the best taste out of it. A cocktail stirrer achieves this. The black 5′ cocktail stirrer is designed to easily mix every ingredient as it can be held easily using two or more fingers.

Difference between stirring and shaking

Stirring and shaking cocktails are the two most commonly used methods to mix the ingredients of a cocktail. The black 5′ cocktail stirrer mixes ingredients like gin, cranberry juice, vodka, berries, mint extracts, etc. This is used for light cocktails. However, strong cocktails containing fruit extracts, seeds, and a higher percentage of alcohol have to be shaken so that all the components mix well. This is not possible with a stirrer as it becomes tough to combine all of them evenly.

How to make the best use of cocktail stirrers?

Though stirring a cocktail may not be challenging, stirring the drink the right way improves the quality and taste to a great extent. Stirring does not just include mixing the ingredients. The process of stirring extends to adding elements and ice cubes for taste.

Step 1- Pour all the ingredients into a glass.

Step 2- Fill half of the glass with ice cubes. This gives a chilled feeling to the drink. More ice should be added if the ice floats after pouring the booze.

Step 3- The black 5′ cocktail stirrer must be placed between the dominant hand’s two fingers, preferably the index and middle fingers. The stirrer should be tilted 45 degrees towards the glass. Once the position is correct, slowly loosen the grip and mix the ice with the drink.

Step 4- Once the stirring process is initiated, the end of the stirrer has to touch the base of the glass. This ensures that there is no residue left while mixing. This process has to be continued for 30 to 45 seconds. More ice cubes and juices can be added while stirring for the drink to be more diluted.

Step 5- Once all the ingredients are mixed and half the ice cubes are melted, slowly remove the stirrer and pour the drink into a martini glass. Use a filter if necessary. Place the stirrer in the glass and serve cold.

Other names for cocktail stirrers

They are also known as drink mixers, swizzle sticks, stir sticks, etc. Their referral depends upon the type of drink and the location.

Other uses of cocktail stirrers

  • They are occasionally used as straws. Hence, they serve the dual purpose of stirring and drinking the drink.
  • They can also be used to stir thick coffee. For instance, many cafes use cocktail stirrers to mix frothed milk with hot espresso-this adds taste to it.
  • A cocktail stirrer or drink mixer is commonly used in weddings, parties, and dinners to clink the glass while giving toast.
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