Fruit Juice or Fruit Juice Powder, What’s The Difference?

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You may be surprised to know that the fruit juice powder market has grown in popularity over the last few years and it’s growing pretty rapidly, but why? Mainly due to people living increasingly busy lives, in general, people tend to have less time than they used to, especially if I’ve got children and work to take care of. Quick, easy, no mess options is pretty much becoming the norm, however, it’s important to make sure you aren’t sacrificing convenience in place of health, especially with processed foods and drink;

Fruit supplements

The real question, when it comes to things like powdered drinks or foods, is whether or not the process of making the powders has an impact on the nutrients that you would usually get from eating or drinking fruit. There has to be some kind of difference but, what is it? Some companies may be very clever about how they advertise what’s in their powders and how good they are in terms of nutritional value so, let’s take a look at what the experts say, surely there must be pros and cons of both products so, let’s get down to business.

Down to business

Based upon several sources of studies, fruit juice powder actually manages to retain something like 95 percent of the nutritive value that it had before it was turned into a powder. A downside which has to be considered. When turning fruit into powder, something happens during the process and there is a distinct lack of fibre within the finished product, in fact, that distinct is a zero content.

That means that our bodies cannot absorb as much of the nutrients and vitamins as we would have done when the fruit was in its natural form. Therefore, You could be missing out on some important nutrients. The thing is that the amount of nutrients you could be missing out on will vary from person to person, there is no direct answer, it might be negligible or it could be significant.

Suck it and see

You’d have to try the products to see if they are suitable for you and. your body, including what kind of benefit you would receive. It really does, all depend on the person and their existing diet, some people might be better off drinking pure coffee, who knows. One thing is for sure, the absence of fibre will affect people in different ways, some people may just need to drink more water whereas others might need to eat or drink natural, unprocessed fruit instead.

Interestingly enough, even with natural fruit and fruit juices, some are not suitable for some people. As an example, some people might drink natural apple juice and need the toilet pretty quickly whereas others will be absolutely fine.

Better yet

You could speak with a professional if you have any queries surrounding your body type and the benefits or, lack of that you might receive when using something like powdered fruit juice, the chances are that, they will tell you that there is nothing to worry about but, at least they may be able to tell you if you are likely to gain any benefit before you buy.

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