The 7 best tequilas for margaritas to drink in 2021

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We all love to celebrate and cheers our glass of drinks on special occasions. Here in the states, you will see people finding occasions or if I clearly say excuses to have cocktails. This line is enough to make you explain the love people have for cocktails. The past year that is 2020 has been a quite tough year for all of us. We were bound to our homes and didn’t get enough occasions to party with friends and family. The Buy whiskey online offers that used to be trending on every New Year’s Eve, didn’t get enough hands at the end of the past year.  Well, the pandemic is not over with the United States of America still having the most active number of cases. But that doesn’t mean you cannot party and have a cocktail.

The restaurants and bars are opened with strict SOPs being followed there. A cocktail like a margarita is many people’s favorite. This drink is made from tequila and other few essentials. Tequila is the main ingredient of this drink so why not know more about the few best tequilas that one can go for in a margarita? We have picked a few best ones. Read about them below.

Espolon Blanc:

Margarita is the favorite drink of many people. Among all of them, the one with a fragrant flavor is people’s favorite. But from where does this flavor come from? The answer is very clear to the people who are aware of the main ingredients of this drink. A tequila serves its function to add that flavor in it, depending on the fact that the tequila that has been chosen by a bartender has a fragrant flavor. Espolon Blanc is a tequila one can completely rely upon for that flavor as it is said to be very delicious because of its fruity flavors. This tequila is very high in sugar content giving a perfect taste to the margarita it is added to. Also, this one is very reasonable in price.

Tapatio Reposado:

When a bartender at a party is asked about his favorite tequila he would go for, I can assure you that this reposado by Tapatio must be one from the list. This one is known for having an appealing flavor. Arandas, which is located in Jalisco is the place from which this reposado comes from. Floral notes are present in this one also it has a sweet taste. The aging process of this tequila is done in old bourbon barrels for 8 months. The fresh agave that it has is the reason why it is the perfect choice to go for it in a margarita.

Santera Reposado:

American oak barrels are known for aging and maturing many kinds of wines. Among all of them, this reposado is also aged and matured at these barrels. A period of more than six months is required for this one to get mature. Most people question the addition of this one in a margarita because of the subtle effect it has. But let me assure you that it produces the best margarita. A reposado by Santera has a light copper color. Additionally, the place at which it is aged adds baking spice to its liquid.

Hiatus Anejo

Just like Santera Reposado, this tequila is also produced by American Oak Barrels. It takes a whole year for this one to get aged and mature. Many people think that it might be heavy and the reason behind them thinking like this is its golden color. But that’s not the case. This tequila is light enough to be used in a margarita. It comes in a long cylindrical bottle, having a golden color, and mixed flavors of caramel and toffee. One gets to have a balanced flavor profile here.

Clase Azul Plata:

Among many points in a criterion that are seen in tequila before adding it to a margarita, the very essential one is that the taste of it doesn’t overpower the taste of other ingredients being added to a margarita. The Clase Azul Plata matches this criterion. This one goes through a long process to get the form and flavor it has. A plant called Agave is harvested and then cooked in brick ovens. After that, they go through a fermentation process. This tequila comes in a handcrafted bottle. The sweet taste it has complements the tanginess of a margarita. You should try a margarita having this one also known as silver tequila in it.

Casa Noble Blanco:

People who have had an experience of having a margarita know that it has a sour and salty taste. Additionally, the lime juice in it gives a perfect balance to its taste. A cocktail like this deserves a tequila that pairs up with its taste and doesn’t overpower it. Casa Noble Blanco is a good choice to be added to a margarita. It has a taste of mint in it.  Along with that, it is known to be a clean and fresh Blanco. This one has been the favorite choice to be added in a margarita for many bartenders.

Codigo Rosa:

The wine barrels at Napa Valley that is located in northern California are where many wines are aged and matured and an aging technique associated with wine barrels is used for them. Codigo Rosa is one of them as well. This tequila takes one month to get the flavors that it offers. Along with that, the color it has looks very appealing to the eyes, which falls under the color range of pink hue. When this tequila is added to the margarita, one should expect the taste of vanilla and cinnamon, and oak. Proper care and time are given to age this tequila in Napa valley.

These are the seven best tequilas that one should try in a margarita. You will love the taste of each one of them. Choose the one as per your taste preference. Make sure to make the best out of your parties in 2021. You won’t get disappointed by any of them.

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