What Makes Red Wine Different From White Wine?

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Wine is one of the most popular choices for a beverage in the world. For ages, people have consumed fine quality wine to celebrate and cherish happy occasions. Almost every merry occasion calls for the opening of a fine bottle of wine. Wine in Vietnam and many other countries, is synonymous with the best beverage during any celebration. 

While plenty of brands and vineyards are well known for their rich wine taste, people still find choosing between red and white wine difficult. Each of these varieties comes with its fair share of ups and downs. However, in an aggregative manner, both wines are popular and serve as a fine beverage option. 

There is no doubt that the colour and texture of these two wine qualities are remarkably different. However, there lies more to just colours and texture when it comes to the differences between these two wine variants. 

From the fermentation process to storing methods, this list consists of a varied list of parameters. Let us now explore the multiple aspects that contribute to the differences in red and white wine varieties. 

Fermentation Process

To produce red wine, manufacturers use a grape wholly. In simple words, all parts of a grape, the skin, the seed, and the pulp go under delicate fermentation to emerge as a fine quality red wine. The rich and characteristic red colour of this wine comes from the skin of the grapes. 

On the other hand, the process of fermentation is completely different for white wine. For producing it, only the pulp of the grapes remains critical. After pressing off the seed and removing the skin, the pulp of the grapes goes through fermentation to become fine quality white wine.  

However, some vineyards also grow white grapes that produce white wine even when fermented with skin and seed. 

Storage Process

The giant oak barrels for storing red wine have been a part of the winemaking tradition for centuries. The moment we think of storing wine, the image of those big barrels immediately appears before us. While wooden barrels ensure flawless storage for red wine, it is not the same for white wines. 

White wine is typically stored in large stainless steel vats. It is the very composition of white wine that requires this special variety of storage. If you wish to keep the quality of white wine intact for several years, these vats are always the smartest choice. 

Flavour and Colour

Red wines feature a reddish tone that is much different from scarlet rate or any other shade of red. It is so distinct that the name assigned to this colour is also red wine. On the contrary, white wines feature a more transparent shade featuring a tint of gold. While the fruity notes of the smooth red wine are famous across the world, white wines are famous for their acid zest. 

No matter which variety of wine you are interested in, make sure to relish every sip as you consume them. Each variety comes with an outstanding flavour and texture that can appeal to your taste buds equally. 

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