Everything You Need To Know About Asian Fusion Cuisine

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If you are a foodie and it is your true passion, you would know the selection that you get is never-ending. From Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, the options are innumerable. each come with their personality, flavor, and not to forget uniqueness. Asian restaurant san antonio tx, Asian Fusion is almost a new concept but is gaining a lot of name and trending.

The thought of walking into a Japanese restaurant and not knowing what to do when it comes to sushi could be embarrassing. Sushi has always been considered Japanese and is loved and eaten all over the world. But people now are looking for ways by which they could infuse sushi with some modern takes, changing the flavor profile. Whether you wish to learn to cook or eat, the options are there. From wagyu to shrimp sushi with fusion sauce, the flavors will amaze you when you visit a place like “Mikaza Nikkei Sushi”.

What One Understands By Asian Fusion?

Asian fusion is a way of cuisine which is characterized by some ingredients and dishes on which new techniques and a few more ingredients might have been used to bring a twist. Asian fusion is all about trying new ways, experimenting with the flavors and also ingredients. Asian fusion though has been there for a long time, it is not until recently that it started trending.

Examples Of Asian Fusion That Has A Fan Following

·       Sushiritto

Now, you might have heard of this or seen this on your Instagram. This is burrito-style made with sushi ingredients. Instead of a tortilla, one would be using seaweed. Instead of the traditional things that are used inside sushi, Restaurant Los Angeles Peruvian Nikkei would be using fish, sushi rice, veggies, and other ingredients.

·       BanhMi

This is a Vietnamese dish that many confuse it being a traditional sandwich. But in reality, is a very popular fusion sandwich. The food or ingredients that are used in Vietnamese cooking are added to this sandwich but it comes inside a French baguette. This is the fusion that was brought forward after the French colonized Vietnam.

·       Kimchi Quesadillas

This is a fusion between the Asian side and the Tex-Mex cooking. This is one of the most popular dishes one would find in America that people have fallen in love with over the years. Kimchi is a very popular side dish that you would find in several Asian countries. And, when you add it with your crunchy tortilla shell, it is an explosion of flavor which would be hard to resist addiction to.

Therefore, this is everything you need to know about Asan fusion cuisine and how it celebrates the cultures of different parts of the world through food.

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