Nespresso Coffee and Nespresso Coffee Pods

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Back in 1975, a Nestle engineer by the name of “Eric Favre” went on a trip to Rome. At that time, few would have believed that he would develop an innovation that currently weds:

  • Accessibility of Mr. Coffee
  • Quality and taste of roasts that were only available at an Espresso bar

It was only a year after taking that trip that Nestle filed a patent for Favre’s idea and thus began a coffee revolution. Today 14 billion Nespresso capsules or pods are sold each and every year through many various retail outlets.

Coffee pods

Basically, Nespresso Pods are little containers that are filled with a certain amount of coffee grounds. They are then vacuum sealed in order to keep the grounds fresh for brewing. These pods are then used by Nespresso machines for the brewing of espresso as well as other specialty drinks. These coffee pods can be found in an assortment of flavors and strengths in the coffee marketplace. Often there is confusion for a new user – but when you get knowledge of the flavors and other options, this confusion will quickly fade.

Brand name

Nespresso is the brand name for Nestle’s espresso machines. They are based out of Switzerland selling espresso devices that are single-serve as well as other coffee products. They sell devices using coffee that is ground and available in seal-packaged containers referred to as Nespresso capsules or pods. So, when you buy one of these devices or machines from this brand, you are also bringing into your home, the experience of using Nespresso pods. After having the device at home, your next search will be for new Nespresso pods. You can find information on these in the best coffee guides.

Unique and different

This is a unique and different way of brewing freshly grounded coffee – if you are a coffee drinker it is recommended you try this as most coffee drinkers love it.




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