The 5 types of cake to make for your parents’ anniversary

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If your parents’ anniversary is coming up, it’s time to get creative in the kitchen and come up with the most delicious cake recipe. We’ve got 5 ideas to help you along.

Let’s face it – birthdays and anniversaries are made doubly special if there’s the prospect of a delicious cake waiting for you at some point in the evening. There is hardly a person that can resist the charms of a well-made cake. So if you are racking your brains about which cake to make for your parents’ upcoming anniversary, we’ve got 5 ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1 Banana cake. This one’s a true classic, combining the goodness of the base ingredient of banana with the wholesomeness of milk, cream, condensed milk and other ingredients. When made correctly, the recipe results in cake that is dense, moist and packed with flavour. Try the banana cake recipe listed by Milkmaid, taking care to use Milkmaid condensed milk to enhance the flavour and goodness of the cake. The banana cake recipe is quite simple to follow, and the cake is a delicious treat for the senses that your parents will savour.

2 Coffee cake. Coffee cake is an elegant addition to the list of occasion cakes. It is sophisticated and not as hearty as the banana cake recipe. You can choose to make the cake less sweet and slightly more edgy by adjusting the amount of coffee you use in the making. This cake is normally better for those who love coffee – so if your parents will appreciate this flavour more, do go for it!

3 Chocolate cake. Chocolate is a flavour for all seasons and occasions, and there is scarcely a person in the world who does not revel in its rich goodness. When added to cake, it offers a spectacular explosion of flavour on the tongue. You can top the cake with strawberry, or vanilla frosting, or Oreo cookies for a grand finish.

4 Vanilla with fruit topping. Vanilla is a ‘safe’ flavour to go with, but it is not an ideal standout flavour for an anniversary cake. You can use it as a base, or mix it with a fruit for a more complex flavour. The good news is that vanilla mixes well with all other flavours, so you can choose your favourites to go with it while creating the cake. Just like with the banana cake recipe, you can find some really awesome vanilla cake recipes on Milkmaid if you’re short of ideas.

5 Lemon cake. A lemon cake is slightly tricky to pull off, but not when you use the right proportion of ingredients and follow the cooking time to a T. A lemon cake is the coffee cake’s older, but as elegant sibling, with a bite and interesting aftertaste that your parents will love.

You can find a variety of cake recipes on the Milkmaid website, to help you create the most special anniversary cake for your parents.

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