What Are the Different Types of Beef Jerky That Meat Lovers Eat Today?

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Jerky is a delicious snack that is known for its convenience.

Whether you are hiking or just looking for a quick, nutritious snack, beef jerky is an easy way to get some extra protein and ease your hunger.

With so many types of jerky available today, it can be hard to figure out which type will taste the best to you.

Here are some of the different types of beef jerky to help you find the kind you like best.

Types of Beef Jerky

There are many types of beef jerky to suit just about any palate.

Whether you want to buy your jerky or make it with the help of a jerky gun, finding the right flavor and texture makes the difference between eating a regular meat snack and savoring a delicious bite.

Traditional Beef Jerky

Traditional beef jerky is typically made from solid pieces of meat that are long and thin.

It is dried to have a hard, leathery texture that takes a long time to chew. The amount of chewing required allows the flavor of the jerky to have a greater depth. The more you chew the jerky, the more flavor will be released.

Traditional jerky typically has a mild flavor with a salt and pepper base that appeals to a wide range of people. One of the most popular classic jerky flavors is peppered jerky which uses a large amount of black pepper to provide a full-bodied flavor.

Other Flavors

While the classic flavors of beef jerky have a wide appeal, many also enjoy some of the more modern, gourmet flavor variations.

These flavors tend to lean towards being sweet, spicy, or a combination of both.

Sweet jerky can include anything from a mild teriyaki flavor to candied jerky.

Common sweetening ingredients for jerky include sugar, corn syrup, and honey. Sugar is an especially popular ingredient because it adds weight and texture to the jerky, helping soften the meat.

Spicy jerky, on the other hand, can pack an intense heat. The spiciness of the jerky depends on the type of ground peppers used to season the meat.

Peppers used to flavor spicy jerky include jalapeno, cayenne, chipotle, and habanero. Some spicier varieties may even use Carolina Reaper or ghost peppers for flavoring, which are two of the hottest peppers in the world.

Different Textures

While many beef jerky fans prefer to have the old-fashioned variety, soft jerky is also highly popular.

Soft jerky is easier to chew and tends to be accompanied by more gourmet flavors. This may partially be because the ingredients used during the marination process can change the texture of the meat and make it easier to chew.

Two especially popular jerky ingredients that help soften jerky are sugar and vinegar. These ingredients are useful for softening many flavors of jerky, including teriyaki and sriracha.

Choosing the Best Beef Jerky

With so many types of beef jerky, it is more than possible to find a kind that appeals to you.

Whether you prefer traditional jerky or lean towards the kind that’s soft and sweet, only you can decide which type of jerky tastes best to you.

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