Top 10 healthy processed foods you should eat

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Want to eat healthy and have no time to devote to cooking? You are only left with the option of processed food but that is absolute junk you should avoid. But, there are a few gems in those junk you can safely consume. Here is the list of top 10 healthy processed foods hitting the supermarket. Indulge in all of them guilt-free for the nutritionists recommend them highly. Boost healthy eating habits by consuming healthy processed foods and avoid the worst processed foods.

Yogurt is an excellent eating option

If you have sweet tooth, just go for sweet yogurt but make sure it is not more than 12gms sugar each serving. Simply because yogurt is available in a container in the supermarket, you shouldn’t avoid it. Yogurt is a fabulous source of protein, calcium and vitamin 12. Don’t go for yogurt carrying artificial sweeteners as that may harm your health. You may simply add fruits to make it sweet.

Cold storage veggies

Frozen veggies, peas, sweet corn, frozen baby corn are processed minimally, and so they are healthy processed foods. Frozen veggies are rich in nutrients and the nutrient content is even better than fresh vegetables. They are picked and stored as soon as they reach nutritional peak.

Tomato sauce is beneficial

Have it sweet, sour or spicy, tomato sauce is good for health. It bears cancer fighting elements like lycopene. In order to gain the most benefits, choose a variety which carries limited sugar. It must be also lower in sodium content.

Canned beans and chick peas

They are processed food examples but are not harmful for health. When cooking dry beans is a pain, you can use canned beans. Canned peas and beans are great sources of protein. Indeed, they are ready-to-consume protein. It contains soluble fiber, starch and iron.

Vegetable burger

Don’t go for an entirely frozen burger but veggie burger. Veggie burger has textured vegetable protein extracted from soy. However, you should read the label and then make a choice. Don’t go for those with artificial colors

Organic jelly

Don’t be misguided by the word ‘organic’ for it is again processed. For those who are sensitive to GI, they may go for organic jelly. Use it on the bread toast and get a boost of phytonutrients and antioxidants. It is necessary to solely stick to organic variety than those containing pesticides.

Frozen pizza

Not so innocent, frozen pizza can add up calories but it is healthy eating option. If you cannot wait to cook a meal, go for it. Use cheese to prepare pizza from frozen pizza for cheese is extremely rich in calcium. Use tomato sauce for that is again cancer fighting. Choose veggies and plain cheese to complete the topping.

Frozen dried fruit

Frozen dried fruit is rich in nutrients for it retains that. Enjoy a great munching session with frozen dried fruit. They are healthy processed snacks.


They are made by fermenting fruits and veggies and therefore pickles are healthy eating options. Fermentation creates healthy bacteria and so pickles are good for health.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has a very high content of flavonoid. It lowers blood pressure and improves good cholesterol. Eating dark chocolate can release feel good hormone called serotonin.

So, enjoy the above healthy processed foods and indulge in guilt-free eating.

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