What you need to know about wholesale pie manufacturers

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Let’s take a moment and talk about fruit pies. We all remember the school lunches where we enjoyed a stale, off-brand pie from a supplier that visibly didn’t take pride in their work. But those days of stale pastries are a thing of the past. As we speak, wholesale pastry companies are stepping their game up around the country. Some suppliers have even begun offering a variety of ways to purchase, from bulk orders of frozen pastries to bulk orders of shelf-stable fruit pies. That’s not to mention how these suppliers are beginning to offer higher quality foods and ingredients to provide better products. One such way that improvements have been made is in crust quality, by using tried and true traditional flavors and methods improved with modern technological advancements but staying true to homemade materials. This results in high-quality crusts, hand-whipped meringues, and hand-picked fruit fillings for the best flavors possible. These tasty treats have also improved in packaging, using stable, recycled materials that don’t bleed into the foods and leave a raw, over processed taste in your mouth.

Of course, you have to be wondering what brought about this conversation topic, pies, and pie suppliers. It started as a research tangent into the materials being blended into our children’s foods at schools. One can easily learn that many suppliers of common pastry products often lean heavily into automation for their production processes. This takes some of the finesse out of producing a satisfying result. Sure, it might be simpler to have a machine blend your egg whites and sugars in mass batches, but that final result will lack the fluffiness of a hand-whipped meringue. The same can be said for fruit selection. If your fruit pies are carelessly assembled from mass orders of fruits, you might end up with a sour or a dull taste. The suppliers you want to look for are those that hand-select their fruit sources and regularly inspect and ensure the quality of their ingredients, for a consistent, succulent taste. These pastry producers understand the difference between mass-produced food products and old fashioned pastry goodness. Some suppliers are building their businesses for speed and for maximum output, which can mean quality gets left behind. Make sure you do your research when you go to select the pie for your event or location. This will ensure you end up with a fruit pie from a supplier with care and finesse you can taste.

Rocky Mountain Pies is a fruit pie supplier located in Salt Lake City, that focuses on putting the quality back into pie making.


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