Why Restaurants Should Switch To Digital Menus With QR Code?

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With Coronavirus trapping everyone inside their home and bringing the world to a standstill, from school, colleges, pubs, restaurants, everything was shut down. With the world trying to get used to the new normal, the dine-in experience and restaurants are opening up slowly. The distance must be maintained, social hygiene is increased and reduction of touch points be looked out for. With technology bringing ease in every sector, restaurants are not left behind in utilizing it. 

While cleaning, disinfecting is an integral part; menus are something that has caused quite a worry. But with the PDF restaurant menu, restaurants, cafes, and pubs are offering contactless dining options to guests. By replacing the traditional menus, guests get the liberty to explore the menus on their phones, make payments, and not worry about contracting the virus. Here are some primary reasons why restaurants should switch to QR code digital menu.  

Saves Customer Time 

Timing is of great essence when you have a restaurant. The more customers you can serve the better revenue you receive. Waiters spend a lot of time noting down and registering orders. With the QR code restaurant menu, customers do not have to wait in long lines and also eliminates the need for a huge service setup. Simply customers have to scan the QR code, go through the menu, and order while the servers would only serve. 

Menu Analytics 

This is a sure-shot way to understand what is popular among the crowd visiting your restaurant. The dishes that are ordered the most are ranked top. You get familiar with your customer’s tastes as well as menu engagement. This helps you filter and adapt to the menu and bring changes. 

Keeps Your Staff Safe

During this time of the pandemic, with a PDF restaurant menu, you can now keep your staff safe. They no longer have to stand in front of the table, hand menus, and explain the specialties. You can offer as much information as required or any customization through the digital menu card.  

Increase Revenue and Sale

This allows the customers to feel comfortable and offers then more time to order. You could set the dishes with the highest rating at the top and also increase the percentage of your sale this way. Increase the revenue too without any extra cost. With digital menus, you could post them on your social media handle for easy access and increasing your reach. Many digital menus let you promote your dishes without any extra cost. 

QR code restaurant menu is quite easy to use and saves paper too. You do not have to worry about changing them every few months and printing new ones. They could be easily reorganized. Therefore, these are some of the benefits of the QR digital menu that are hard to ignore during this hour of need when safety and social distancing matters.

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