Make It Groovy: Revolutionising Burgers with Cheese Slices and Cheese Sauce

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Burgers have always been a popular choice among Australian’s. We have seen a dramatic revolution in the popularity and the making of the burger. The ingredients changed, from patty and green leaves to avocado, bacon, and green onions.

The only ingredient that remained constant is the slice of American cheese. Nobody can imagine a burger without cheese, and the burger isn’t perfect until the cheese melts the patty and the bun into umami-laden perfection.

You have probably seen every type of burger, one with bacon, beef, avocado, or even pineapple, but let us introduce you to the burgers with different cheese slices and the liquid cheese sauce. Not only are burgers juicy and creamy, but the cheese sauce is the ultimate finishing touch to your burgers. In short, this is the type of burger that you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams.

Let’s see how to revolutionise the burgers with cheese slices and cheese sauce

Cheese Sauce

The patty and bun often dry out, leaving your burger not so juicy. Adding cheese sauce in your burger will keep your juicy and full of flavour. The cheese sauce adds a tangy and salty flavour to the burgers. So, when you use cheese sauce, make sure you season the patty responsibly.

You can either generously spread the liquid cheese sauce on the bottom buns or simply dip the burger in the creamy liquid cheese. Once you have seen the burger dipped in cheese sauce, you are not going to be able to take it out of your head.

Cheese Slices:

Hi Melt Cheese

American cheese slices are the heart of the burger, and it is what keeps the burgers alive. But are all American cheesesthe same? No, you must be conscious while selecting the cheese slice for your burger.

I prefer using Pure Dairy’s Hi Melt American cheese as it is a versatile cheese with a high melting texture. When using cheese sauce in your burgers, you wouldn’t want a slice cheese that melts very quickly. American cheese slice that maintains integrity when heated is the best cheese slice for burgers.

Natural Cheddar

Natural cheddar slices are an excellent option for those who prefer cheese non-processed cheese in their burgers. It does not contain any artificial flavouring as it is cut from the block of cheddar cheese.

Natural cheddar can be a great alternative or addition to your burger. You can use it instead of American cheese, or you can use both American and Natural cheese, both the cheese will add a heavenly flavour to your burger.

Swiss cheese Slices

The Swiss burgers are exactly what you crave when you think ‘classic burger.’ Tender beef patties with a glorious melted Swiss cheese slice on top along with fresh greens and your choice of ingredients, all between soft buns.

Swiss cheese is the perfect cheese for upgrading your burger. This cheese melts great and, most importantly, stays melted, is nutty, and also tastes like caramelized onions.

If you want to upgrade your burger into the next level, cheese sauce and the three cheese slices are the secrets.For more information, you reach them at +61 3 9939 4000 or via email at

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