Healthy Eating Tips for Camping Trips

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40% of us go camping at least once a year

The sunshine has arrived in the Northern hemisphere and that means its tents out time for the fair weather campers amongst us. More than 40% of us go camping at least once a year to enjoy the freedom of being outdoors, cooking on fire and time spent with loved ones.

But contrary to perception, camping food doesn’t have to be all pot noodles and instant snacks. In fact, with a simple fire, grill or gas stove, we reckon you continue to eat relatively healthily even on a campaign trip.

Here are 5 top tips to help you out.

1. Grilled Lean Meats or Fish for Your Protein

Whether you’re cooking on open fire or on a skillet over a gas stove, thin cut lean meats offer a tasty and protein rich meal or snack. Thin sandwich steaks or thin chicken steaks will cook quickly too. Season to your liking, pop in the pan and you’re done. The thinner they are the quicker they’ll cook which is definitely something worth considering if you’re trying to cook multiple things at once with limited resources.

2. Tinned Veggies Cook Fast and They’re Fine!

We know! Cooler space is of a premium. And it’ll be vital you keep your meats cool, so there might not be space for fresh or frozen veggies. But you can use canned vegetables which still contain key vitamins and minerals and don’t need refrigeration either. They cook quickly too. Tinned potatoes offer up a quick cook alternative to other options as well. 

3. Take Granola Bars With You

A high energy snack available in added protein varieties, a granola bar is a quick way to ease your hunger. Go for the ones that have under 6g of sugar, preferably where they’re instead sweetened with the addition of things like dried fruits.

4. Omelettes – Just all the Omelettes

Quic, easy, high protein and can be flavoured with whatever you like. You just need a heat source, a pan and your ingredients and you’ve got a balanced breakfast (or dinner or lunch – yes, some of us eat them for any meal). Add ham, cheese and peppers for a really tasty treat.

What do we think of dried packets?

You know what? Dried packet foods like dry noodles and so forth are a convenient and filling way to eat while camping with minimal fuss. And hey, you’re on a trip so if you were ever going to take some time to eat easy, now is it.

But if you’re someone who wants to enjoy cooking outdoors, wants to do so easily and still enjoy relatively balanced meals, then hopefully some of our tips helped.

Share your own favourite camping meal tips in the comments.

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