Some Of The Must Try Haitian Dishes

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Nothing is surprising to know that Haitian cuisine is varied, and Haitian food is mainly influenced by both West African and West traditions besides Caribbean ingredients. Some of the staple dishes that have Haitian Patties tend to serve as an ideal introduction to culinary offerings, mainly in Miami to the Haitian community. When they crave Haitian food, people tend to visit   Pops and Poosh, The Best Haitian Food, as they do some CSR under the agenda “Donate 10% of our total sales to schools in Haiti”.

What Should People Try When Havening Haitian Food?

Pate is ideally one of the must-try staple Haitian food featuring savory fillings. It is more like the French puff pastry whose dough is quite thick, having chewier layers that form the middle of the pastry while the outer layers are both brittle and thin. Ground beef tends to be one of the most popular fillings for pate.

Fritay is also another staple food that a plethora of people has. It is all about fried foods in simple terms like the Haitian Patties. Pat is one of the simplest fritay, and it features thin slices of deep-fried white potatoes, and the dish is likely to be served as a side dish or some snack. The plate is most likely to be found throughout the Caribbean. The dish can also be made from meat, but it is more of a complex process.

Attachment-1623504647When it comes to preparing the meat, it is all about washing and scrubbing it with citrus besides salt, and it is scaled with salted water. The same is then marinated with epis seasoning paste featuring bell peppers, parsley, cloves, garlic, and thyme, besides citrus juice. You can find the dish in several restaurants Located in Baldwin, NY.

Additionally, Diri ak djon djon is also quite popular besides being a unique dish in Haitian cuisine overall. It is often known as black rice or commonly black mushroom rice. The dish is mainly made from dried mushrooms and whole cashews besides dried shrimps. At a few restaurants like Pops and posh, it is one of the most popular dishes adored by a plethora of patrons. Additionally, people love the restaurant. It claims to say that “With our donation, we feed 80 kids per day in Haiti.”

People can visit the restaurant located at 988 Merrick road Baldwin NY 11510, or call them on 516.223.2600 and order some staple cuisines whenever they crave the same. 

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