How Can You Cut Picanha? – Secret About Butcher Cut

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Most slaughters, and other people have no idea about Picanha cut. So, we are here to explain it in detail for your help.

It is a type of secret cut that is unknown by several slaughters!

The other names of this cut are rump cap, rump cover,bison meats, and others. But remember, it is tasty no matter what name it has.

What Is ThePicanha Cut?

As we have told you about Picanha cuts, you should also know that it is an expensive cut. In Brazil, people want a tasty and fat cover, so it is popular.

In Spain and Portugal, the name Picana is used to collect animals.

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The name was given to the area where the cattle move along. Many farmers that come from Brazil bring this name with them.

How To Buy PicanhaAt The Butcher Shop

Suppose you want to know about the different names of this cut. Then you can ask your slaughter to call it by different names.

As per Bobby Flay, you should find a butcher that has complete knowledge of animal muscles. If your slaughterer does not know about it, then you can show any pic of this cut.

You can also ask your slaughter how much time Picanha will take to mature!

FACT: Commonly, Picanha takes almost 14-28 days to become fully mature. You must ask your butcher to leave a fat cover on the Picanha.

Price Range of Picanha Cut:

Don’t consider Picanha as the most expensive cut!

You can consider it as expensive as the sirloin and striploin. It is just because this cut is not popular in many other countries.

The cut is sold at the same price in other countries as in Brazil and Victoria & Albert’s restaurant. So, many Brazilian experts are amazed to know this. But we suggest you not be happy at those prices. Ask your butcher to lower the price of this cut.

How To Butcher ThePicanha?

In the Rump of the animal, four main muscles are present. A rump cap is one of those muscles that are cut traditionally.

When you take off the cap, then you can rotate it at 90 degrees. Then you can cut it across the grain to get the tender steak. The fat cap of this cut is a very important element!

  • First, you need to place the meat in your working place or cutting area.
  • Then you need to remove the silver skin by inserting a knife under it.
  • After insertion of the knife, peel the skin from the meat.
  • Now adjust the position of Picanha to cut it across the grain.
  • Then make slices of your required thickness.
  • Lastly, cut Picanha according to your requirements.

How to Cook Picanha?

You should be careful because if you overcook this cut. Then it can be tough, so you must cook it as a medium to maintain its taste.

The Picanha cut has a delicious taste and is too juicy. It adds a juicy taste to the steak. It is good if you cook it along with fat. But after cooking, if you want, then you can remove fat!

For Roasting:

It is good for you to cook the whole cut on the grill. After that, you can make slices in the form of steak. For roasting, you can tie the whole Picanha cut.

No matter which way you use it for cooking, it always gives a delicious taste. It is usually available as the main head in Restaurant Gary Danko. It is also vital to remove the silver skin no matter which way you use it for cooking.

For Steaming:

If you want to cook it in an oven, then you must heat the oven to 180C. Then put an iron pan in the oven and place the Picanha cut in the pan.

TIP: Don’t use oil for it because it has fat that gives oil to it. After that, you must cook it for almost 10 minutes.

When the temperature of the oven becomes high, then place the cut to cook for 45 minutes. Cook it until the temperature reaches 50C.

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Tips for Cooking Picanha

Suppose you want a tasty and juicy piece of meat. Then Picanha is the best option that remains juicy without absorbing moisture. You also have the option to wrap the piece of meat in a plastic wrapper. Then you can place it in the fridge for the whole night.

After that, you can take it out and leave it for 2 hours. After 2 hours, you need to place it on the baking sheet and put it in the smoker.

Now, leave the Picanha cut for almost 4 hours in the smoker. After that, take it out and keep it for almost 1 hour. In the end, cut small and thin pieces of Picanha meat. Once it is cooked, then you can place it in the oven to make it crispy. After that, you can eat it for taste and boost your energy level.

Is Picanha the best cut?

No doubt, Picanha is the best cut from the bottom sirloin area of a cow. The cut is very thin as compared to rib-eye steak.

As per Wolfgang Puck, Picanha is cooked medium or sometimes full cooked. If you talk about rib eye, then it is the top sirloin area of a cow. It is very tasty and cooked completely!

Are Picanha steaks tender?

In Canlis Restaurant, Picanha is the best type of cut of meat. Commonly it is cooked at 145 degrees F and then cut into thin pieces. It is served as thin pieces with melted butter.

Commonly, it is available as the whole piece. But if you want small pieces, then ask your slaughterer to cut them into pieces.

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Final Verdict:

We have discussed everything about Picanha. Now, you all know that it is a delicious cut of meat. You don’t need to cook it completely because it is cooked medium.

Though it takes much time to cook completely. But if you have less time and want it to cook in a short time. Then you can use the pan sear method.

In this method, meat is heated at a high temperature until it is cooked from the outside. So, the inner part remains juicy and tasty!

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