It’s Fall Again – Hope You Like Pumpkin

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It is that time of year again. The kids are back in school, football dominates Sunday afternoons, and the leaves are just starting to hint of their color changes. Fall is here again. Fall is that time of year when the weather starts getting cooler and everyone is suddenly excited about pumpkin. Well, almost everyone.

Pumpkin-flavored everything first emerged as a trend about 20 years ago. It really came into its own when coffee shops and restaurants began serving things like pumpkin spice lattes. Today, pumpkin is all the rage from mid-September through Thanksgiving. It is enough to be overwhelming except among people whose obsession with pumpkin knows no bounds.

So, are you ready for the onslaught of pumpkin? If not, you still have at least a few minutes to get ready.

From Deserts to Beverages

To anyone older than 40, pumpkin means pie. That’s what we’re all used to from the days of our own childhoods. Fall was the time of year when mom and grandma made pumpkin pies for Sunday dinners. And of course, we had to have pumpkin pie with Thanksgiving dinner. Pumpkin bread was a good companion.

Today, pumpkin is about a lot more than just pie. You can certainly get a good pumpkin pie at most restaurants where desert is a normal part of the menu. But this time of year, you can also get pumpkin milkshakes, pumpkin pancakes, all sorts of pumpkin-infused coffee beverages, and on and on.

Have a taste for pumpkin ice cream? You will find it both at the supermarket and the local ice cream stand. Are you interested in pumpkin-infused donuts? Take a trip to your local donut shop or the grocery store bakery. Don’t forget to buy a half-dozen pumpkin muffins while you’re there.

Pumpkin Isn’t for Everyone

One of the most fascinating aspects of the annual pumpkin craze is the fact that it does not actually reach every corner of the country. There are some places in the U.S. that are not pumpkin crazy. Why? Because pumpkin isn’t for everyone.

For example, pumpkin is not nearly as big in Central and South Florida as it is in the Northeast. The cuisine in that part of the world leans a lot more heavily on fresh seafood, fresh fruits, Cuban flavors, and Caribbean influences. Pumpkin just doesn’t fit in well.

Pumpkin also isn’t as big in the Southwest. Again, it has to do with the cuisine. The Southwest is more heavily focused on Tex-Mex – another type of cuisine that doesn’t lend itself very well to pumpkin. So yes, these kinds of areas might see a pumpkin spice latte at the chain coffee shop. But consumers in such areas are not as pumpkin crazy as other parts of the country.

Something for Everyone

Despite the annual pumpkin craze, it is nice to know that there is something for everyone in just about every area of the country. Take Salt Lake City, for example. People who love pumpkin have no shortage of coffee shops, bakeries, and restaurants serving pumpkin-flavored fare.

If you’d rather eat the best tacos in Salt Lake City than anything pumpkin, don’t worry! There are restaurants like Taqueria27 to visit. Those looking for authentic Italian or a good Asian menu have still more choices. Salt Lake City truly is a city with something for everyone.

Yes, it is pumpkin season again. If you are a big fan of pumpkin, you’re about to be presented with more choices than you can reasonably deal with. If you are not a big pumpkin fan, no worries. The food you love will not be taking a holiday.

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