Interesting facts about Pizza that you didn’t know!

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Pizza has become the food of the millennials. The new generation loves to bit a slice of perfect cheesy oozy pizzas laid on a crusty base and served with their favourite toppings. While the tastes of pizzas differ with every 100kms of travel, there are certain facts that remain the same to this age-old dish. Pizzas may change their flavours with new introduction of flavours but the Double Pizza livraison has set up a benchmark with its fines taste and texture.

Here are some of the interesting facts about the much revered dish – pizza that you may not have heard about. Let’s begin learning about your favourite!

350 pizzas per second

Americans are so relished on the taste of the pizza that almost 350 pizzas are eaten every second in America. For a country that hasn’t had pizza in their history, this is quite a benchmark to achieve. But the given number of lovers of cheese and exotic veggies, pizza indeed fits the taste and bill of the Americans on a larger scale.

The most popular topping – Pepperoni

The toppings that go on your pizza can really be easy but sometimes altogether difficult to choose from. If latest of statistics are to be believed the Pepperoni is one of the most popular and highly picked topping on pizzas world over. This is followed by sausage.


We all love the cheesy and saucy part of the pizza where all the toppings and flavours of the pizza behold. But the crust part or the outer edges are often left unwanted. This crusty outer edge of the pizza is called as Cornicione.

The official pizza month!

Pizza is fondly loved by people world over that it is celebrated not just on a noted day but for a whole month of the year. October is the official Pizza month that celebrates Pizza for its taste and flavor. This is also the busiest time of the year for the pizza delivery joints.

The pizza expo!

The world’s largest pizza industry is based in Las Vegas. And in honor of this delicious dish, an international Pizza expo is held annually every year where all the popular joints of the world come together for a fancy treat and sharing of pizza secrets.

Mayo on the pizza

Unlike other countries where cheese is one of the main ingredients of pizza, Mayonnaise is one of the key ingredients for Pizzas in Japan. The sweet taste of the Mayo appeals to the audience of Japan.

Interesting enough? The facts would have made you love the pizzas even more!

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