Find the Best Montreal Ribs Restaurants

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There are many good restaurants located in Montreal with one that most people will tell you have the best ribs Montreal – that is the Baton Rouge Steakhouse and bar. This place has ribs that are as good as any ribs that you can find in the southern states of the United States

Signature ribs

This restaurant signature ribs are BBQ pork ribs and have meat that when served to you are ‘falling off the bone’. They have been slow-cooked with low heat for around eight hours until these ribs are moist and tender basted with the restaurant’s own classic BBQ sauce.

Served with

They then serve these ribs with:

  • ‘Chicken tenders’served with Dijonnaise sauce or grilled marinated chicken breast.
  • Black tiger shrimp that are grilled on a skewer and served with their great BBQ sauce.
  • Or served with both flamed-grilled chicken breast, and grilled black tiger jumbo shrimp – commonly call the BR Trio.


The meat is the secret to good BBQ, and they go to Denmark to get their meat as it is more plump, tender and perfectly marbled. They look for meat that is distributed evenly over the slab. They also do not want a rack of ribs having lots of fat or with meat that is only at one end. And they avoid slabs with the bones exposed.

How they cook

They then rub by hand these perfect pork ribs with their in-house spice blend prior to being cooked at low temperature for about 7 and a half hours. As their flavors concentrate, they then baste the ribs – not only one time but up to 16 times – using the exclusive molasses-based sauce for some of the very best ribs you will ever taste.

Cooking at home

Many people that cook their own ribs at home precook these ribs in a pot of boiling water that has a cup or two of ‘apple cider vinegar’ added in. Then they are ready to go on the grill.

But rather than cook at home, go by Baton Rouge and ordered their great ribs – you will be glad that you did.


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