Cafe Management: How to Increase Your Customer Base

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Cafe Management

All successful cafes have one thing in common—a high footfall of happy customers. In a saturated market where there is an eatery everywhere you look, you need to find a way to increase your customer base while retaining existing customers. Thankfully you already have one thing chain brands don’t, and that’s a unique dining experience with personality. People want to visit your eatery for something different. They’re not looking for a mediocre cup of coffee and a slice of generic-tasting cake. Pave your way to the top of the F&B scene in your local area with these customer-boosting top tips.

No matter what you sell, every modern business needs a fully-functional website. As a cafe, you need to make sure you have a beautiful website that is fast and user-friendly and that it is available on your Google business profile. Registering your business on Google is one of the simplest ways to promote your cafe. An online presence lends credibility to a business, and your Google profile can be used to provide important information about your cafe, such as opening hours and contact information. Although many people will click on your website if they want more information about your cafe, it is a good idea to upload a few professional photos to show customers what they can expect.

  • Create a Menu Everyone Can Enjoy

Nowadays, consumers have an increased awareness of the effect of different types of food products on the human body and also the world around them. The number of conscious eaters has grown over the years, and you will find many food products supplier options offering a huge range of items geared toward these people. It is easier than ever to create a menu that is inclusive of different types of people. When devising your menu, be sure to highlight alternative options for those with specific dietary needs. Include food and drinks that are allergen-free, vegetarian, and vegan. Not only will an inclusive menu attract a diverse range of people, but it will also reflect the values of your business.

  • Seasonal Offerings

In addition to your staple menu, offering a seasonal selection of food and beverages can help you stand out from your competitors. Incorporating local, seasonal produce not only makes your menu more exciting, but is also cost-effective. There is an abundance of seasonal produce, which means it is often an easy source and inexpensive to purchase. Moreover, you can stay on trend with a seasonal menu, and you can also offer it to customers at a competitive price.

  • Reward Loyalty

Customer acquisition is essential for independent cafes. However, you also want to devise a strategy that ensures they return in the future too. A loyalty card scheme is a great way to entice customers back to your eatery. This type of scheme will tempt new customers to try out more of your menu with the promise of a discount or a free item as a reward. Not to mention, with a loyalty card scheme, you can increase brand awareness by handing out attractive loyalty cards that clearly display your logo.

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