3 Small Ways to Show Someone They’re Special Foods

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There are so many important people in our lives. From a favorite teacher to your neighborhood mailman, they make a difference in our existance each day. Let’s face it, we couldn’t do it without them sometimes. There are lots of little ways to show your gratitude, like giving them some fruit-flavored candies Jessup MD to satisfy their sweet tooth. Combine that gesture with another kind act and they’ll remember your friendliness for a long time.

  1. Write a Note

A handwritten card can be a rare treat in today’s modern world. Take the time to put your message of thanks on paper. It’s something they can read and enjoy now and keep as a memory forever. Chose the right card for the occassion at your favorite store or, if you’re crafty, make one by hand for an extra personal touch.

  1. Bring Flowers

Combine one gift with another and add a bouquet or potted plant to show you care. If you have a green thumb, you can even create something made with blooms for your very own garden. It’ll look great and smell good, too.

  1. Add a Book

Give them a copy of your favorite novel or a new bestseller. They’ll enjoy relaxing with it and a cup of their favorite tea or coffee. Plus, it’ll give you something to discuss with them as they move from chapter to chapter. If you know subjects that interest them, consider a title that incorporates one of them. It could be a certain period of time, a historical figure, or a famous city. There is such a selection to choose from out there!

Show the people in your life that you care. It’s the little gestures that make a big impression. You might even inspire them to pay it forward to others. That’s a great chain reaction to start, and you can do it today.

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