Why Limit Regular Consumption Of Beef Jerky Despite The Health Benefits 

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When consuming beef jerky, rest assured the savory snack will keep you full all day long. However, the question to ponder upon would be whether beef jerky is healthy for regular consumption or not. The perfect-looking salty beef jerky has been made available in various flavors. Moreover, the longer shelf life makes it a popular snack with regular shoppers. You could make the most of this popular work-from-home snack, as it offers low carbohydrates and high protein content. 

Should You Consume Beef Jerky Regularly? 

Before answering the question, let us delve into the benefits offered by beef jerky. 

Foremost, healthy beef jerky is a powerhouse of protein content. You would have approximately six grams of protein in every serving, making you feel content without feeling lethargic. The beef’s cured and dried lean cuts would be marinated in seasonings and sauces to give you a delectable and healthy beef jerky. The beef’s low-fat and lean carb cuts would be adequate to keep you full without adding carbs to your body. 

Moreover, beef jerky is also rich in vitamins A & C, calcium, folate, and iron. The preservation process of beef jerky makes it a convenient snack while on the move, and you could place it in your work bag for an emergency snack. 

Is Beef Jerky Good For Consumption? 

Despite beef jerky being a complete snack with numerous health benefits, it also entails a few drawbacks. The curing process makes the protein-rich snack high in sodium. 

It would be recommended to restrict regular consumption of processed and red meats, including beef jerky. Regular consumption of 50 grams of processed meat or two to three large beef jerky pieces would enhance the risk of colon cancer. Regular consumption of red meat could also increase the development of prostate and pancreatic cancers. 

Therefore, you could consume beef jerky as a healthy diet, but in moderation. 

Finding A Healthy Beef Jerky 

Consider being a food label expert to find a healthy beef jerky. Look for the following ingredients – 

  • No Added Nitrates Or Nitrites 
  • Look For Organic, Grass-Fed Beef 

Consider looking for Country Archer for no added preservatives and additional fillers & antibiotics. The organic beef jerky would cater to you with more minerals and vitamins to keep you going strong throughout the day. They offer keto-friendly, free from soy and gluten beef jerky, rich in flavor, and no additional saturated fat.

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