What Is the Best Grill for Beginners? 4 Options to Consider

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Since 2011, about 80% of U.S. households own a grill, according to a consumer report dedicated to barbecuing and grilling. And 93% of those people say they grill once during the week.

For many, grilling is habit-forming. At least 35% of grill owners cook outside every weekend. They have their style and stick to it. But for the newbie, there are almost too many options to contemplate.

So what is the best type of grill for beginners? There several options to consider, from electric to traditional kettles.

The following article will discuss some different types of grills and what the beginning grill master should consider.

1) Best Grill for Beginners: Portable grills

The list starts with what may seem like an oddball choice but is actually a great way to get started. No matter what fuel type you consider — electric, gas, or charcoal — maybe you should start with a portable grill. The price of these smaller units is reflected in their diminutive size, and they are easy to store. Obviously, they are also easy to take anywhere. However, many of these grills are deluxe items. A cast iron grill you can take camping or use coals from the fire is a good choice. Others like Weber’s Smokey Joe Premium are simple but well-built beginner items.

2) Electric grills

These grills are a good choice for those who have limited space, want to grill indoors, or their apartment or condominium complex doesn’t allow for open flames. Consumers have turned to George Foreman Grills for many years, but there are many brands to consider for electric units. Sometimes cleanup for these grills can pose an issue if the food is greasy or juicy.

3) Gas grills

Propane grills come in various sizes and styles, but it’s best to keep the size down for beginners. A gas backyard grill will light up quickly and is simple to use. Again, make sure your residence allows for open-flame grills. Although grill snobs sometimes turn their noses up at Char-Broil, this ubiquitous brand offers sturdy gas grills with a number of extras (side burners, etc.) for the beginning grill-meister.

4) Kettle grills

Kettle grills, so named for their rounded shape, are classic American girls and have made a major resurgence in the American market due to utilitarian players like Big Green Egg. These grills run on charcoal and, even for the uninitiated, are relatively easy to use once you get the hang of lighting and letting it get to the proper temperature (coals) before starting to cook.

Again, there are a lot of choices here but don’t get intimidated.

One thing that sets these grills apart for the beginner is that since they use charcoal or wood chips, you’ll notice a district flavor to your food that an electric or gas grill may lack. And isn’t that what you’re after?

It’s All in The Details

Whatever you decide is the best grill for beginners, do yourself a favor and don’t forget some extras, like a cover and utensils. A cover will help shield your grill from the elements and stop it from rusting out. A proper host of long-handled utensils – fork, spatula, and scraper – will make your life easier.

Also, consider a serving platter dedicated to carting your foodstuffs in and out of the house. This tray or platter will always come in handy.

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