Healthy Party Food Ideas for Kids

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As a parent, it always pays to try and find ways to keep your kids healthy and happy. However, when it comes to throwing a party, health often takes a backseat to happiness. If you want to make sure that your kids can have ample fun without having to worry about what they are eating too much, we’ve got some great ideas for you below.

Put out these healthy party food ideas for kids, and every attendee to your next kids party should be able to have plenty of food to feel full without overdoing it.


Watermelon is an excellent treat to put out for kids, and is plenty healthy as well. Watermelon has a really satisfying taste and texture, so even the fussiest of children should have no problem digging into some of this awesome fruit.

It’s light enough that it can be a nice little extra snack to have, or it can easily become one of the main meals that people are going for as part of your new healthy party buffet.

Fruit rainbow sticks

Another excellent choice is to get some grapes, some berries, and even some pineapple, and put them on some cocktail sticks. You know how some people like to put out little cocktail sticks with blocks of cheese and pickles at New Year?

Well, you could use these fruit rainbow sticks instead. This tends to look great, adds colour to the table, and helps the kids to find nutritious snacks they are almost certain to enjoy eating.

Monster buns

A great little one to go for if you are putting out some meats and deli foods is to use some wholemeal buns and put some meat and cheese in the middle of the burger. Then, simply get some little olives and poke a little hole out in the middle of them – add in some tomato sauce or something to the middle of the olive, and you create a little pair of googly eyes to sit on top of the burger. Perfect for Halloween parties!

BBQ Chickpeas

A great choice is to have some bowls out with some crispy chickpeas. You can find many references on the web to show you how to make BBQ flavoured chickpeas, covering them in the right kind of flavouring to add a nice, zesty taste to the chickpea. Also, it shows you how to retain that happy crunch without making them too try or making them too oily, removing the overall goodness.

Garden variety treats

If your kids are a big fan of garden animals and creatures, you should look to use that. For example, take a little miniature cucumber and cut into it every ¼ or ½ inch. Do this, and you create a little caterpillar-style design on the back of the cucumber, helping to add some ‘garden variety’ inspired creatures. Try and mix it up with some other critters inspired by foods that should help to immediately make a big impression.


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